IoT Smart Hotels are Enabling Innovation in the Hospitality Industry. How?

IoT in hospitality

With the commencement of IoT technology, the professionals continue to create new and innovative smart building solutions across various sectors. As IoT technology is comparatively cost-effective and easier to install, managers and industrialists are now opting for it and making smart buildings a norm. Let’s understand what is IoT technology and its role in making smart hotels.

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What is IoT?

IoT is the Internet of Things, which enables the things (assets) to connect through the internet and sensor-based applications for data-extraction. The data extracted from these assets makes of the most important use for the managers as they derive outcomes, predict results, and analyze the industrial functioning through data processing. IoT involves sensor integration with the assets so that automatically it becomes easier to manage and monitor them in real-time. IoT as a technology is working wonders across various sectors, especially in the smart hospitality industry where businessmen are now able to provide personalized suites, and other services in accordance with their customers.

A few examples of IoT devices range from devices like Amazon, Alexa, or Google home, installed in automated home space. Smart buildings enabled with IoT devices and applications are mainly known to benefit from increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, profitability, and customer satisfaction. It has been a boon for the hotelier industry to install IoT technology with their services and cater to the demands of the rising population. Let’s further understand what are smart hotels and their other verticals.

What are Smart Hotels?

A smart hotel solution is a streamlined hotel management system, which effectively produces results based on IoT-powered solutions. In a smart hotel, IoT-connected devices are integrated that leverage better guest experience, personalized services, and automation. The hospitality industry provides multiple opportunities to utilize automated solutions to improve smart hotel rooms. The integration of IoT technology ensures convenience to the guests and provides comfort at higher levels.

What IoT brings for hotels?

The major aim of a smart hotel is to provide a personalized experience to guests along with greater control over the environment. For the hotel industrialists, when visitors stay in a smart room, they get convenient options to control and automate the room settings according to their choices. IoT brings smart room technology for the hoteliers to interconnect different aspects like smart gadgets, and innovators are continuously improving their business

Benefits of Integrating IoT with Hotel Rooms

    • Improved Maintenance

    Integrating IoT technology with the hotel industry to develop smart rooms enables enhanced maintenance of the premises with better cost-effectivity. The use of IoT-powered sensor devices is one of the main benefits of smart hotel rooms, which positively impacts guest comfort and overall convenience. The IoT solutions enable customized options for the customers like automated room lightings, temperature control, favorable ambiance, and lots more. This provides a maximum personalized experience to the guests, allowing standard living. It further provides remote control through their operable smart devices, which interconnect with the assets through the internet.

    • Smart Rooms and Guest Comfort

    The hotel industry is thriving at a rapid pace with the integration of IoT-powered solutions that provide smart rooms for a better guest experience. The use of IoT technology is also enhancing the safety experiences by integrating security features like smart locks. Instead of using room keys, the customers are provided with smart door locks, which are further connected to their mobiles through secure applications. This provides a seamless locking and unlocking system, thereby providing enhanced protection to their belongings.

    • Smart Room Sustainability

    IoT-enabled sensor devices are revolutionizing the way the hotel industry works. It is connecting the hotels with unmatched potential for enhanced sustainability. The sensors detect vacant rooms and automatically make energy-efficient adjustments to save energy. This enables dimming of the room lightings, turning off the fans or ACs, temperature changing as required. This potentially contributes to efficient resource management that offers energy conservation. Other sensors like water level detectors or leakage monitors help in managing the water levels in broader aspects. It effectively provides cost-savings for the businesses and saves operating costs.

    • Personalized Experience

    IoT-enabled services in the hotelier industry enable a personalized experience for the customers through effective interconnectivity. The use of IoT also provides advanced analytics feature that records the data of the customers and allows the managers to provide the same in their next visit. This enables the hotel authorities to monitor and analyze the preferences of the customers and work accordingly. Hence, it provides a much greater effect on the customer retention ratio, thereby increasing business productivity.