IoT-powered Industrial Asset Monitoring: The Driving Factors, Advantages, and Future


The future of the industries essentially lies with technology. With a vast acceptance of technological concepts like IoT, ML, and AI, industries are flourishing at a whole new level. The smart IoT solutions are bringing a significant change in the way industrial assets perform, which is positively impacting the production quality. Real-time monitoring is a unique concept that involves sensor-based tracking of the assets regarding their temperature, pressure, condition, etc., which frames accurate analysis for better decision-making.

IoT-based asset monitoring is specially developed to gain alerts on the real-time condition and performance of industrial equipment. It proves to be the most beneficial concept for multiple industries. Be it transportation, oil & gas, mining, healthcare, or any other industry smart asset monitoring is gradually adding value with its state-of-the-art features. It is also expected that the asset management market will grow at a CAGR of 14.6% by the end of 2025. Hence, we can say smart asset monitoring is driving the improvements and the necessary implementations for transforming the industries at cost-effective prices. You can go through the below infographic to know more about the advantages of using IoT-powered industrial asset monitoring.


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