IoT on Wheels: An Unforgettable Era in Transportation


The transportation industry is the second-largest segment investing in the Internet of Things (IoT). Through IoT, the understanding of Pressure, Average Speed Mileage, Freight Monitoring, Engine Crankshaft Rotation, Operating Data and more is now effortless. Advances like Predictive Maintenance, Customized Reports & Dashboards, Reduction in Congestion & Energy Use, Improved Operational Efficiency, Real Time Trailer Tracking and Routine are now possible. Along with this, Public Transit Management, Smart Inventory Management, Fleet Management, Optimal Asset Utilization and Geo Fencing could be done.

Through mobile and connectivity advancements, the Transportation industry has evolved in stupendous ways. Safety and efficient work frame were designed post deriving data from the IoT sensors. Uncomplicating each process in transportation was never this easy before!

The following info-graphic tells how IoT has benefitted the transportation industry in total:


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