IoT infused Connected Cars – Driving the Future of Transport


IoT along with other disruptive technologies has enabled the development of connected and automated vehicles. These vehicles become a part of a V2X (vehicle to everything) network that helps them to interact with other vehicles, pedestrians, and smart city infrastructures. V2X network facilitates the sharing of data among its constituents and offers benefits in terms of preventing accidents, managing traffic flow, fleet management, and many more.

Connected cars are driving the sector of transportation towards an automated and cognitive future. They are an integral part of the smart city solutions and are supporting the rapid pace of urbanization. These cars support semi-autonomous driving and are infused with futuristic navigation and infotainment systems.

IoT technology plays a crucial role in creating an interconnected environment for connected cars. In the time to come, the connected cars can be expected to make an astounding development in terms of autonomous transportation and global vehicle tracking.


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