IoT Brings New Opportunities for the Transportation Industry


The Internet of Things technology is growing at a rapid pace in the transportation industry. It includes sensor-based functionalities that help integrate automation and advanced analytics concepts with the transportation assets, contributing in an effective business growth. All the three modes of transportation: Air, Road, and Maritime (water), are constantly working on progressing with the Internet of Things by including its unique applications to serve better and increase their worth in the whole world. IoT is a disruptive concept, which when integrated within the businesses enhances their potential through its real-time approaches, advanced gateway connectivity, data-driven concepts, historical data management, and prediction-based future analysis. The technology is working effectively towards boosting the actual potential of the industries via automated processing, and also helps reduce the overall maintenance and operation costs. Here is an infographic that depicts unique IoT applications in the transportation industry , which are providing new opportunities for the industrialists to excel and thrive better in their work.


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