IoT-based Ambience Monitoring System


Technological advancements are benefiting the environment significantly by improving the various process. People are facing several health problems due to the increased air pollution which needed to be controlled urgently. Internet of things is the technology that has the power to deal with this situation by monitoring the air quality and improving it through its operations. The IoT-based ambience monitoring system is the best fit system to monitor and control the air quality.

Industries are adopting this technology at a rapid pace due to its amazing workability and performance. The ambience monitoring system can be applied numerously and are very beneficial for all types of industries. The combination of IoT sensors, gateways, and dashboards is the right combination to track, analyze and control air quality and make the environment pure and free from toxic gases. According to market research, the ambience monitoring system is expected to grow $8.61 Billion by the end of 2027.


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