Intelligent Water Level Monitoring & Control for Effective Water Management

iot in water

Water being the universal solvent, an amazing coolant, and the most abundant resource on the planet; plays a highly significant role in any industry. From state-of-the-art manufacturing to the goods transportation, and even electricity production; its applications and uses are quite immense.

It won’t be hyperbole to say that effectively managing its storage strongly affects the smooth functioning of most processes that occur in any industry. Companies depend on overhead tanks, supply from their respective municipalities or water utilities, and their pipeline network to keep its stock; and distribute it within their business’s vicinity.

However, without a proper water level measuring and controlling tool, managing its stock levels and distribution can be difficult.

With the cutting-edge technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies can now keep an eye on available water at all times and manage its distribution with ease.

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A Brief About Internet of Things:

IoT is one of the trending technologies of this decade. It refers to a network of interconnected devices that connect over vast distances via the internet and share information with each other. This information (or data) collected via various sensors installed on the devices is transmitted via gateways and cloud servers to a dashboard. This dashboard acts as the interface, from where a user can access the data.

In an industry, company managers and operators leverage this technology to monitor and control the condition of their machines, the performance of their processes, and the efficiency of their entire plant.

With the smart water management solutions of IoT, companies can also manage and regulate their water needs. Let’s see how.

IoT Based Smart Water Management

Storage tanks and pipeline networks allow manufacturing units and companies alike to facilitate the storage and distribution of water. Implementing Biz4Intellia IoT technology with its level monitoring and smart water metering solution allows companies to visualize this whole apparatus on a mobile or web-powered dashboard.

Level monitoring sensors installed on storage tanks and containers measure the level and the amount of liquid stored in them. This level data is then shared to the dashboard in real-time that allows the users to have live information about the amount of data they are left with.

Water flowing in the pipelines connecting these tanks to discharge points can also be tracked. Smart water meters installed on these pipelines allow companies can measure the flow and pressure of the water running through them. This data can again be retrieved by the dashboard that allow users to track where the water is being discharged.

This continuous ingestion of data and monitoring capabilities allow companies to garner several benefits that help them to manage their water needs.

  • Managing Water Stock Levels:

    The real-time water level readings company gathers from the level sensors installed on their storage tanks allow them to keep a track of the water it is left with. Based on the shape and size of the tanks, the level of water available in them is ascertained which then helps in maintaining the stock levels.

  • Reducing Water Wastage:

    smart water management systems integrated with the complete water distribution pipeline network of a company helps in detecting the flow of water in the pipelines. This helps the companies to detect anomalies like water leakage and pipeline bursts in their water network, and take immediate steps to fix the breakage.

    Also, since water consumption data is monitored at all times, companies can help in ascertaining places where water is unwantedly used and subsequently taking necessary steps to reduce water wastage and save costs.

  • Improve process efficiency:

    Industries that are heavily dependent on water for processes like manufacturing, fabrication, washing, or cooling can use IoT technology and its solutions to elevate their methodologies and improve their operations. As a part of an automation infrastructure, level monitoring and smart water metering solutions based on this technology can be used to facilitate operations automatically, increase production rate, and predict probable malfunctions.

Summing it Up:

Water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource. Its applications are quite vivid in res identical, commercial, and industrial usage. However, there has been quite a decline in consumable water and hence it is high time to take strict actions to improve the situation.

Industries can play a crucial role in this and Internet of Things technology will act as a catalyst to do so. This technology although new has been implemented already in different verticals and is progressing at a rapid stage. Saving water through IoT is a brilliant concept to merge technology and resource conservation. It requires an intelligent mind to make things work smartly and thus, the invention of the smart water meter and level monitoring solution is the most appropriate method towards saving water through IoT.

Here are some of the main features of these solutions:

  • Real-time web-based monitoring
  • Highly scalable and modular.
  • Lots of savings
  • Data alerts of the non-revenue water
  • Advanced data analytics