Implementation of IoT technology for Dairy Industries

Level Monitoring Solution

Gone are the traditional ways of dealing with dairy products and keeping manual records of the stock. With the advancement in technology and acceptance of IoT technology in the dairy sector, industrial process management has become comparatively smoother and simplified.

The increasing population has ostensibly created an increased demand for milk and dairy products, which in turn has necessitated businesses to invest in advanced technologies to improve productivity and quality standards. While traditional systems fail to subsume the growing demands, the implementation of AI and IoT can help farmers and industrialists overcome many challenges that they face in the present situation.

Internet of Things technology is a concept that leverages a data-driven approach and uses smart techniques to create greater opportunities for businesses. For example, using a smart dairy management solution can help increase milk productivity by keeping a real-time check on the milk levels, monitoring the health of the cattle, warehouse management, and safe transportation access.

What is Smart Dairy Farming?

The dairy farmers willingly accept the concept of precision farming to capture a competitive market and gain relevant information. This certainly helps in keeping pace with effective decision-making, which impacts business growth in numerous ways. Also, there exists a myriad of dynamic as well as static data in the dairy sector like feeding, calving, nutrition, the process of milk production, insemination, and others. Thus, extracting data and collecting it to gain insights for improved decision-making is what IoT does in the dairy sector.

Also, it is mostly considered a challenging task to decide an accurate time for milking the cow. Here, technology helps by producing accurate data through wearable devices, and IoT can play an efficient role in maintaining the real-time status of every cow. This status can be converted into instant notifications or informative data that alerts the authorities regarding the health conditions of the cattle. The sensor system works brilliantly and detects even the smallest changes in health, behavior, activity, feed consumption, fertility management, etc.

Business Benefits of Using IoT Technology in Dairy Industries

- Works on Pressurized Tanks


Since milk is the universal commodity used throughout the world, it also requires better management and storage where the quality lasts. The use of IoT technology in the pressurized tanks has increased the serving capability of milk-based goods and has reduced their vulnerability to colloidal degradation or bacterial growth. Also, pressure management in the milk storage tanks must be performed to reduce the adverse pressure creation, which could result in expensive maintenance, downtime, or mechanical failure.

- Smart Inventory Management


IoT technology in the dairy sector is leading the industries by example in terms of providing smart inventory management. Even the heightened tanks are equipped with advanced sensor devices and gateway connections that interconnect with the user's smart device and provide regular details. The sensors fetching the relevant information transfer the same to the user's device and trigger the required notifications about the milk levels. The automated dairy management solution is cost-effective and reduces the surplus amount regarding issues like milk wastage due to overspilling or thefts.

- Delivery Management


The supply chain processing of the dairy sector is a little complex that depends on numerous factors like storage temperature, weather, perishability, packaging, cold chain availability, first and last-mile distance, and others. The use of the IoT concept is revamping the entire picture of how product delivery management works. It induces a real-time monitoring system that allows the managers to be available everywhere the product is. They get the whole detail of the product on the interconnected device and take decisions accordingly.

- Real-Time Monitoring of the Milk Tank Levels


The sensor-based technology enhances the workability of the entire industry by providing real-time monitoring of the milk tank levels . This is an advanced way of keeping a track record of the milk stocks. Traditional ways of handling the milk levels had proved to be tiring and inaccurate and required an improved way of keeping records. Here, smart sensors can help reduce manual efforts and inaccuracy by extracting the milk level data and assisting the managers in tracing accurate data for effective decision-making.

How Biz4Intellia Uses IoT technology in Dairy Industries?


Biz4Intellia provides state-of-the-art solutions with advanced sensor devices, gateway connectivity, and interconnected dashboard. It facilitates the managers and other users with the needed scalability, flexibility in functioning, and customization as per the business requirements. For instance, if you want to include tank level monitoring with a warehouse management system, you can place your requirements, and the solution can be customized for them in specific. This reduces the time and efforts of both parties and provides access to the user in a more simplified way.

The solution features a real-time tracking system that serves the necessity of keeping a keen eye on the milk levels as the excess spilling would lead to wastage and reduce the ROI of the entire dairy business. Another feature that makes Biz4Intellia's dairy management solution a huge success is historical data management that enables efficient decision making and business growth. It helps analyze the loopholes and plus points of the business process, which further helps with proper planning to overcome the challenges. A smart dairy management system is equipped with advanced sensors that instantly capture information from the milk storage tank, which is later converted into a user-friendly format for effective business decisions. Moreover, Biz4intellia brings the ability to deliver multiple alerts that are shared directly to the users in regular intervals until necessary action is taken by the authorities.

The scalable feature of the smart dairy management solution offers improved plant efficiency that directly hits profits in increased numbers. Furthermore, the solution is well-equipped with advanced algorithms that contribute effectively to historical data management. This helps analyze the dairy business with a broader perspective, including detailed information about the plant processing, asset workings, tank monitoring reports, and other miscellaneous managerial tasks.