IIoT - Smart Manufacturing of the Future world!


The technological advancements in the manufacturing sector are rapidly funding the rise of industry 4.0. Technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things play a crucial role in this process. The Industrial Internet of Things contributes significantly and makes industries smart enough to perform the tasks without the major involvement of human beings.

IIoT mainly focuses on advanced data analytics and automation to make the process digitally smart. Sensors are integrated with the factory assets to track their performance and help work smartly with great efficiency. These sensors are used to collect and store data until they are passed to the gateways for further analysis and generating outcomes. The factory manager can simply manage and control these IIoT devices through dashboards and applications used along with these devices. The manufacturing system in supply chain industries is made smart by implementing IIoT and improving operational efficiency.


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