How IoT will drive industry 4.0, and What are its benefits

IOT Business Solution

The manufacturing industry is transforming rapidly by implementing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. This digital transformation has significantly improved the quality of products and reduced the downtime of processes and machines. The Industrial Internet of Things and automation is playing a vital role in this process.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is bringing massive disruptions in the industrial applications with its unique features. It contributes significantly to the operational efficiency and workflows of factories via real time monitoring of assets and processes. IIoT brings many opportunities with it that can be used by industrialists to make the industry ten times better.

These opportunities include:

  • Automation in factories
  • Process Optimization
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Performance monitoring

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution that aims at making the industry smart with interconnectivity, automation, and real-time data monitoring and exchange. Industry 4.0 is entirely customer-centric, necessitating the manufacturers to put added efforts in order to deliver priceless customer experience and services. The customer-centric approach of industry 4.0 covers product visioning, product sales, manufacturing, assembling, and service management. IoT makes this process absolutely effortless by helping the owner stay updated with the continuously evolving needs and expectations of customer.

A major evolution of IoT and industry 4.0

IoT is responsible for the super-fast evolution of industry 4.0, where everything is connected within a common network and the operations are mostly automated, thus eliminating the need for much human intervention. Real-time data monitoring improves the decision-making process, and predictability helps reduce the chances of future hazards in the industry, accompanying management of the assets for future workability. The main stages of IoT and industry 4.0 evolution are:

  • Getting things connected
  • Generating insights
  • Optimizing operations and processes
  • Innovation
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IoT's main aim is to make everything smart, whether it is home, building, healthcare, or factory. While on the other hand, industry 4.0 consists of cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, autonomous robots, digital twin, cloud computing, Big Data, connected devices, and heavy machinery. Connected devices, smart factory grid, and heavy machinery are the main intersecting point of industry 4.0 and IoT. IoT is heading towards the concept of manufacturing excellence by playing a vital role in every industrial activity and improving it exceptionally. IoT is the best fit technology for industries as it generates valuable outcomes by combining information technology and operational technology for the processes.

Benefits of using IoT in industries

  • Increased efficiency

    Efficiency enhancement is one of the most significant benefits of IoT. It has the capability to improve operational efficiency by optimizing industrial process. It also has the ability of automation, which boosts productivity and streamlines the functioning of factories. The sensors embedded in the manufacturing assets is used to track their performance to modify and improve them according to the requirement.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Industrial productivity majorly depends on the asset performance and its workability. Predictive maintenance enabled by IoT implementation can help the process managers to forecast and respond to an asset's workability so that it does not cause any severe damage to the productivity and operations in the long run. IoT sensors mounted in the factory assets monitor their performance in real-time and send an alert to the manager if any fault is found. These faults are rectified at the earliest time possible, which prevents the company from immense loss.

  • Real-time data monitoring

    The real-time working and performance of the assets can be monitored, making the relevant changes in the process so that the productivity and quality of products increase substantially. Moreover, real-time monitoring of data helps in the decision-making process and improves operational efficiency in the factory.

  • Reduces cost

    The predictive maintenance and real-time data monitoring features of IoT contribute significantly to reducing cost by making the machinery smart enough to perform operations independently without human supervision. The reduction in human intervention automatically reduces errors; thus the cost also decreases.

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Whether it is oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, energy, or hospitality, almost every industry can implement IoT-based smart systems to improve their productivity with reduced cost. Biz4intellia is one of the most prominent platforms that provide end-to-end IoT solutions . The best part about the company is that it has not limited its services to a particulate sector; instead, it offers IoT-based smart solutions for all the industries. Biz4intellia is giving its 100% contribution to the fourth revolution of industrialization. The sensors, gateways, dashboards and applications are the main parts of the IoT solutions developed by the company capable of working and monitoring under extreme conditions. The sensor devices provided by the company are embedded with all the essential features, giving valuable insights.


The fourth industrial revolution has pretty much transformed the way we perceived things in the production units. The capitalists are getting more attracted to advanced approaches at a very high pace. The Internet of Things is contributing significantly to the process of making industries smart and enhancing their workflows significantly. Biz4intellia , an end-to-end IoT solutions provider, is leading among others, by making the system robust and handy. The company is working on adding innovative features to its devices to increase the efficiency of processes significantly.