How IoT in Smart Transportation Is Reinventing the Wheel


Many still believe, that complete fleet management can be achieved with the help of GPS tracking. Now regarded amongst the most basic service offered under the umbrella of IoT enabled smart solution for transportation. IoT has revolutionized smart transport with Geo Fencing. Additionally, IoT also helps in the following: Real time traffic status, maintaining vehicle health and improving fleet logistics, with which one can ensure that there is no wastage of resources.

In this new age connectivity is priority. From businesses, to parents, everyone on the go is accountable and answerable for their commute. For businesses, it is predominantly important to keep a track of their fleet and the deliverable. Similarly, for parents, safety of their ward from school to home and vice versa is a matter of concern. IoT and smart transport helps bridge these gaps and opens a whole new world of safety and security!

iot smart transportation

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