How IoT empowers fleet management system?

IoT in transportation

IoT in fleet management

Internet of things is an advanced technology that works by connecting objects to form a network and enabling data exchange among them. Sensors and gateways are used for data collection and data processing through the network. The use of IoT in the fleet industry has brought a drastic change in its operability by making fleets smarter and more efficient. IoT-based sensors help to track the locations and condition of fleets in real-time. Moreover, they also contribute significantly to analyzing the other fleet factors, such as the truck's speed and braking system. Implementing an IoT-based fleet management system helps to minimize various problems such as lack in real-time supervisory information about more fuel consumption, delayed deliveries, and management of truckers.

Having a well-managed fleet monitoring system is essential for the industries to deal with the transportation of products in a large amount. Less number of trucks can be managed manually, but the task becomes comparatively difficult when it comes to management of large fleets at a time carrying a huge number of variable products. Hence, IoT based vehicle management system is very crucial in such a situation.  

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Fleet monitoring solution

A well-managed fleet management system helps to provide good customer satisfaction by delivering the products effectively without damage. Hence, IoT plays a vital role in this system by improving it at various levels. The fleet monitoring solution provided by Biz4intellia is a complete package for managing the fleet at all levels. Biz4intellia have customized solutions that strengthens the functioning of every type of fleet. Biz4intellia IoT-based solution helps industries to upgrade their fleet management system and fulfil their requirements of all types of fleets.  Biz4Intellia IoT fleet monitoring solution have the power to maximize the payload, eliminate the chances of cargo theft and reduce fuel consumption to a great extent. It gives surety about the safety of trucks, maintain proper track of any activity related to geofencing and helps to avoid costly fines. It also mitigates theft of fuel, ensure fast delivery of products and keep an eye on the mileage state of every vehicle.

Fleet monitoring solutions have vehicles in which sensors are embedded to track and record all the parameters. In the truck's axle, a weight measurement sensor is mounted to measure the truck's weight in real-time and send the data to gateways, so the managers are informed all the times about the number of products being shipped. The data through gateways is displayed over the app, and the manager receives an update about the fleet's real-time condition.

Business performance improvement with IoT fleet tracking system

Currently, the fleet tracking system is very decisive for every business that deals with transportation majorly. Having a proper fleet management system can considerably contribute to the business performance as it reduces various kinds of unnecessary costs and improves the efficiency of operations. IoT-based fleet tracking system helps to improve one of the essential business processes, that is, the transfer of information. This is done by providing real-time supervisory information to the managers so that they stay updated about the ongoing process of fleets. It also reduces fuel consumption by monitoring the locations of trucks and the fuel level in the tank based on total travelled distance and automatically reduces the fuel cost. Moreover, it helps manage the driver and make timely deliveries of the products that substantially improve the business's performance.

Benefits associated with Biz4intellia real-time vehicle monitoring system

Biz4Intellia is the platform that provides all types of end-to-end solutions related to fleet management with unique characteristics. The company also develops customized solutions based on different fleet requirements. The main features of Biz4intellia IoT based solutions for fleet management are:

  • Real-time weight monitoring
  • Personalized mobile app
  • Asset management
  • Upgradable to cargo monitoring 

The applications developed to control and manage sensors through which the manager will get alert regarding the fleet's condition can also be customized according to the industry's requirement. Different types of alerts that one can get through this app includes geofence alerts, ignition alerts, speed alerts, temperature alerts, maintenance alerts, and idle alerts. These alerts help track and control the trucks remotely and analyze the aspects where improvement is needed in the whole process of transportation.

In addition to this, the company's managers can have clear visibility of the truck location and other details through the Biz4intellia dashboards. They can get live updates on the location of the asset and route chosen by the trucker. The advanced analytics feature integrated with the IoT devices analyzes many data with huge variants considerably effortless. This is the reason that Biz4intellia based IoT systems are in great demand. 


IoT is the disruptive technology that can convert the operability of every industry into an efficient one and improve the workflow to a great extent. The IoT-based fleet management system will also help industrialists run their transportation system with complete control over the numerous vehicles running simultaneously. The Biz4intellia platform is the correct one to look for the industry's best IoT fleet management solution.