How is an IoT-based Ambience Monitoring System beneficial for Healthcare Industry?

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IoT for the healthcare industry

Internet of things is bringing a drastic change in the healthcare industry by boosting the efficiency of medical devices and the process that includes health management and caretaking of patients. IoT-based sensors and related equipment benefit patients significantly as these devices help them keep proper track of their bodies by monitoring crucial health parameters. The IoT-based devices have the power to diagnose health issues with higher accuracy through real-time analytics rapidly. The transfer of information related to patient's health can also become simple and efficient with the implementation of IoT in healthcare.

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Applications of IoT in the healthcare industry

Healthcare as an industry has a wide range of possible applications of IoT. Implementation of IoT in healthcare can be done at various levels, starting from enhancing medical devices to pharmaceuticals activities. Some major applications of IoT in the healthcare sector are mentioned below:

  • Ambiance air quality monitoring:¬†Sensors and other IoT-based devices are used to monitor and manage the air quality where patients are treated or kept for caretaking.
  • Heart rate monitors:¬†¬†These sensors are used to track the patient's pulse rate to keep a real-time check on the treatment and healthcare
  • Tracking of staff and patients:¬†In this process, RFID is used to track processes and analyze the health conditions of patients and¬†keep an update on medical inventory and supplies.
  • Information management system in hospital:¬† IoT can help in managing the transfer of important information related to the patient and patient health within the healthcare centre with great ease.

Among all these applications, air quality management is one of the most crucial tasks to come through. Healthcare workers must put greater efforts into monitoring and managing the air quality of the environment where the patient is being treated. Having a smart healthcare management system will play a crucial role in monitoring and improving air quality in hospitals.

IoT based ambiance monitoring system for healthcare

In a healthcare system, analyzing and managing air quality must be of prime concern because the gases and toxic particles present in the air can badly affect a patients' health. In order to mitigate maximum health risks, having a well-developed and highly advanced air quality monitoring system is a must. IoT-based air quality monitoring systems routinely check the air quality index to help develop a healthy environment for the patient's recovery.

Ambient air quality monitor can be applied in various healthcare domains such as:

  • For smoke detection¬†
  • Identification of gas leak¬†
  • Identification of indoor and outdoor AQMS
  • Measurement of air velocity¬†
  • For measuring humidity ¬†
  • For particulate matter monitoring
  • For determining AQI

Benefits of using air monitoring system in healthcare

Various aspects related to air quality can be monitored with the help of an IoT-based air quality monitoring system. By doing so, we can lower the patient's tendency to inhale toxicants present in the air that have the potential to impact their health negatively. Various benefits associated with IoT based air quality monitoring system are mentioned below:

  • Corrosion-free environment
  • Ensure good health of patients as well as workers
  • Prevention from fire hazard
  • Regulated gas emission
  • Measurement of AQI remotely ¬†
  • High ROI
  • Emission regulated compliance ¬†
  • Measurement of air velocity ¬†

Biz4intellia IoT based air monitoring solutions

Biz4intellia offers an advanced IoT-based solution to improve the efficiency of equipment and processes across various industries. The IoT-based ambience monitoring solution provided by the company can detect humidity, motion, temperature, light, CO2, TVOC, and barometric pressure. This solution helps manage patients' health and contributes significantly towards the betterment of the healthcare setup. 

Some important features of the Biz4intellia air monitoring solution are:

  • It has a centralized dashboard
  • It has a gradual capacity buildup
  • Made with reliable hardware stack
  • Provides multichannel alerts
  • Can manage historical data ¬†
  • Can read frequency alteration
  • Can produce customized and interactive reports ¬†
  • Graphical representation of data ¬†
  • Highly efficient in detecting gases ¬†


Health risk increases with the degradation in air quality; hence, hospitals and healthcare centers must put great efforts into keeping the air quality in check. IoT-based ambient monitoring systems are the devices that can help monitor and improve air quality significantly as they can work without much human supervision. Biz4intellia offers an end-to-end IoT-based solution for air quality monitoring in healthcare. The company provides a wide range of IoT-based solutions for various industries that can be applied at all levels of IoT solutions.