How can IoT-based Geofence technology strengthen the modern fleet monitoring systems?

IoT in trasportation

Every product-based industry needs fleets for transporting products safely across various provinces. This process can sometimes get quite challenging owing to the size of shipment, time sensitivity, temperature constraints, and various other factors that affect the condition of the packages. 

To manage the contingencies, logistic managers across the world are progressively installing IoT-based smart fleet monitoring solutions to ensure the safe and secure delivery of goods during the transit. IoT-based smart fleet monitoring solutions are benefiting industries at various levels. And with time, these solutions have become more robust and instrumental, especially with the integration of geofence technology. 

Before moving to the detailed study of geofence technology, let's see why businesses need smart fleet monitoring solutions.

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Why businesses need a fleet monitoring solution?

A smart fleet management solution backed by advanced IoT technology is a highly competent system that allows fleet operators to keep track of the vehicle's position and various other parameters that might affect the transport of goods.  With the growing demand for quick and safe transit, industries face several challenges while transporting products from one place to another. A smart fleet monitoring solution can help industries deal with such challenges easily by making fleet management smart and highly automated.  Here are some challenges faced by fleet managers on their routine workdays:

  • Not getting real-time information to supervise fleet: Lack of real-time supervisory information is one of the major problems faced by fleet managers. Accurate and prompt fleet data can help manage the fleet operations more efficiently. A smart fleet management system allows an individual to track any vehicle in real-time.  Not just that, it also lets them track the position of trucks and other parameters such as its RPM, acceleration, and braking behavior remotely. That being the case, fleet managers can pinpoint the exact moment the driver has delivered the package to the customer. Also, they can review the truck driver's work and willingness to perform the assigned job.

  • Delay in deliveries:  Delivery delays are one of the most common problems because, more often than not, the fleet manager cannot figure out why fleets are taking so much time to deliver goods. The smart fleet monitoring system can help managers get live updates about the fleet at any given time. This would provide a straightforward overview of the vehicle's position and its expected time of arrival by the freight carrier. Furthermore, the time required for various arrangements and documentation is also cut down substantially using IoT-based smart monitoring solutions. 

  • Driver or trucker management: : Various reasons can negatively impact a product's expected delivery time at your doorstep. However, in most situations, the major dependency lies on the fleet drivers. They are undeniably the most important point of contact for a company that entirely relies on trucks for its transportation needs. Fleet managers may gain a deeper insight into drivers' driving patterns, such as their normal pace, route choice, etc., through fleet management tools. This information may be shared with the respective drivers to improve their driving practices and freight handling.

What is Geofence technology, and how does it work 

Geofencing is an efficient means of tracking fleet vehicles for freight and logistics enterprises. The technology establishes virtual geographical borders across various physical settings such as warehouses, retail centers, and fulfillment areas. Managers can monitor and respond to certain events such as smartphone push updates, text messages or warnings, track the fleet, entry and departure times, driver behavior, and more in that specific geofenced area. Geofencing offers fleet managers absolute accountability, operating efficiencies, and greater protection for sensitive shipments, thereby delivering a major advantage over business competitors.

How Geofence technology boosts the workability of the fleet monitoring system

Geofencing has enhanced the workability of the fleet monitoring system to a significant level by adding some valuable features to the system. The geofence-based fleet monitoring system makes the product delivery process highly efficient, enabling fleet managers to monitor the fleet and goods more precisely. Managers of transport and logistic firms use this location information to manage their supply chain and reduce their delivery times considerably. Maps and space analytics play a key role in preparing, managing, and tracking deliveries in the first and last mile. In the case of inaccurate roads, enterprises can experience driver idling, delayed deliveries, or reprogramming, leading to additional costs and charges. The geofencing technology also makes it easier to detect traffic movements and do an accident analysis. The intelligence of localities helps boost the delivery of last miles, ensures delivery on schedule, and leads to higher customer loyalty.

Geofence technology allows a smooth and reliable control of the fleet. The actions of drivers must be monitored to reduce future risk and operational costs. GPS monitoring lets managers know the precise location of the fleet and see the estimated time of arrival (ETA). In terms of fleet security, a fleet monitoring solution powered by geofencing can help to secure assets with all-time visibility, alert to suspicious activity during off-hour periods and detect theft of goods. Apart from improved route mapping and quicker route analysis, logistics firms can also use geofencing technologies to analyze weather, standby roads, and roads' physical conditions. Geofenced data, combined with traffic statistics in real-time, will provide a comprehensive image of existing road conditions affecting arrival times

Summing up

Quality control and automation features for fleet management can lower costs, boost efficiency and optimize fleet transit. Biz4intellia's IoT-based Fleet monitoring system offers GPS fleet tracking for the transport vehicles, along with asset tracking and geofencing capabilities to help enterprises operate more efficiently. Our comprehensive fleet management software covers routing and optimization, along with fuel card integration and real-time monitoring. Once signed up on the Biz4Intellia's unified dashboard, managers will be able to receive easy-to-read reports on all critical properties, followed by details on idling, fuel consumption, fleet location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and much more. Wish to amp up your business with Biz4Intellia's IoT-based solutions? Reach out to our experts now!