How Biz4intellia’s IoT Solutions Help in Streamlining Oil & Gas Industry?

IoT Oil And Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is transforming rapidly with the implementation of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI, Machine Learning, and Big data. These advanced technologies have eliminated traditional methods of performing operations in the Oil and Gas industry. The industry is beholding significant benefits, including better operational efficiencies, accurate outcomes, and enhanced productivity by implementing IoT technology. The increasing operational excellence in the Oil and Gas industry is due to the handy features of IoT smart solutions. These features include predictive maintenance, location monitoring, pipeline monitoring, equipment monitoring, emission monitoring, and release management. It also improves energy efficiency to a significant level, monitors things remotely, and control assets adequately.

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Types of IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas:

Fleet monitoring solution 

Transferring Oil and Gas from one spot to another is a complicated process. It requires precise tracking to know various real-time parameters that affects the fleet responsible for oil transportation. Oil condition in the fleet. Therefore, real-time monitoring of the fleet is an excellent way for monitoring this fluid and its by-products.IoT-based fleet monitoring solution also infers the optimal route for Oil and Gas transferring vehicles. It involves Oil transporter weight management to keep an eye on Oil volume during the transport. The temperature of the Oil is also measured with the sensors embedded in the Oil tank.

Leak detection 

Detecting leaks in the Oil and Gas tanker is crucial to prevent losses or accidents in factories. The smart leak detection solution incorporates real-time pipelines leakage detection to reduce leakage while transferring Oil and Gas. Managers can use this solution to identify toxic gases such as methane that are generally found in such industrial setups. It can send a real-time alert to update the manager with detected leaks to take timely action.

Oil tanker monitoring solution

IoT-based smart Oil and Gas management solutions perform overall monitoring of Oil tankers to counteract the industrial losses. The sensors embedded in the Oil tanks send real-time alerts to the manager through the gateway to adjust the Oil tank's level and temperature. Operational efficiencies are enhanced by monitoring Oil well and tanks in real-time. It provides an additional layer of shield by monitoring them in real-time. Smart Oil tanker monitoring solutions are used to monitor tank levels and temperature.

Benefits of implementing IoT in Oil and Gas industry:

Real-time field data 

The key benefit of implementing IoT in Oil and Gas is that real-time data can be fetched from the endpoints of assets. It helps the managers in the decision-making process by monitoring the entire O&G plant effectively. The data is gathered from different sources with IoT sensors installed at various locations in the plant

End to end connected pipelines

It is essential to connect the Oil and Gas pipeline system to an IoT based central controlling system in which the sensors are mounted in the entire pipeline. It helps to maintain safety in the plant and reduce the cost of processes significantly. These IoT sensors help monitor various fluid parameters inside the channel, such as temperature, flow, pressure, etc. These parameters are monitored to stay updated about the real-time condition of Oil and Gas while they are transferred. The flow of O&G is controlled through the IoT smart valves that are installed at various points throughout the pipeline. 

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

IoT based smart solution is capable of overcoming the drawbacks of the SCADA system. The SCADA system can capture less than 3% of data from the asset but cannot send it to the manager on time. This impacts the operations and decision-making process negatively. IoT-based smart Oil and Gas monitoring solutions can increase efficiency, prevent failures, and predict future workability and performance of assets with predictive maintenance feature. It can monitor multiple data points with variable attributes. This approach helps to predict potential failure that can happen to equipment in future. This increases future workability of the industry by making the system entirely automated and robust.

Real-time Tanker/Fleet Tracking and Management

Sensors embedded in the tankers and vessels helps to track the location and fleet health in real-time. This intelligent fleet management system allows the Oil and Gas industry to increase their work efficiency while transferring fluid and reducing traffic accidents. The Oil and Gas data can be monitored ubiquitously with the help of IoT sensors. 

Sustainable Environment Management

The Oil and Gas industry leverages various technologies to reduce any negative impact on the environment. It is essential to maintain sustainability in the environment by being a responsible corporate citizen. IoT is the best fit technology with the power to identify the accurate and real-time impact on the environment and regulate them effectively. Biz4intellia provide highly efficient and handy IoT solutions that can be implemented in the Oil and Gas industry to ensure corporate social responsibility (CSR). These devices can monitor assets in real-time and predict potential environmental impact accurately to take appropriate actions on time. 

Remote Asset Tracking & Management

Adopting IoT for the Oil and Gas industry is the best approach for the industrialist as it can monitor a large number of assets in the operation field. The Oil and Gas industry can gain many benefits like real-time asset monitoring and management, appropriate asset utilization, and historical insights about asset performance. This is only possible with the proper implementation of IoT devices in the Oil and Gas industry. Biz4Intellia has an in-built smart learning engine competent in creating an asset lifecycle management that is profoundly sustainable and predictable. 

Summing up

Biz4intellia is an end-to-end IoT platform that has IoT solutions for every industry. Currently, Biz4intellia is contributing remarkably to the Oil and Gas industry by providing highly effective IoT solutions. The work efficiency and productivity of the Oil and Gas industry is continuously increasing with the implementation of IoT devices. The disruption that IoT brought in industries is taking their workflow and operations to the next level by upgrading them on every possible scale.