How Biz4Intellia OEE Tracking System Increase Revenue for Manufacturers?

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The technical world deals with the OEE concept used to measure machine efficiency in manufacturing. Also, businesses are getting more and more concerned about the OEE concept, which stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Most businesses measuring OEE have issues with on-time delivery, which leads to lower revenues. Biz4Intellia OEE tracking system helps reduce the workload of the managers by simplifying the industrial processes.

Production lines are the most valuable asset to any manufacturing company. Manufacturers spend a lot of their time and resources ensuring that their machines are always fully functional. Failure to do so can lead to higher operation costs, lost customers and heavily diminished profits. Even small issues with your machines can have serious repercussions for the production process by leading to downtime. This is where Biz4Intellia’s OEE Tracking Systems comes into play. OEE shows how well equipment is being utilized, which directly impacts your bottom line in both profits and dissatisfied customers!

The fact is, this is the best time to invest in a smart OEE tracking system. Here’s why.

Smart Ways in which OEE Tracking System Increases the Revenue for Manufacturers

Overall, Equipment Efficiency is especially important for manufacturing plants that are seeking to maximize the efficiency of their operations. OEE tracking optimizes equipment performance and allows you to track productivity, identify the leading causes of downtime, and spot and solve problems. Overall, OEE makes it easier for every business to ensure industrial efficiency in every process.


• Assists to focus on better Competitive Areas:

Because a system like this helps you operate more efficiently, it enables better focus on the other activities. Moreover, it helps cut your installation times and minimize machine downtime & gives real-time data. Hence, the industrialists can quote more competitive rates per productivity and take on more complex jobs with the existing workforce.

• Improved Branding Scores:

Potential customers look for manufacturers that can demonstrate clear processes and productivity metrics. Having real-time access to manufacturing data like OEE improves your credentials in all aspects. You can enhance the factory performance with the installation of smart systems and gain credits for a better brand image.

• On-time Delivery and Productivity

Maintaining a good production schedule means having one on hand. Using data-driven metrics to determine what quantity will be produced and when you can more effectively plan; ensures that the factory consistently meets its daily production target. This inclusion of technology-based factory transformation renders on-time delivery for improved customer satisfaction.

• Better Connectivity and Trust:

Improve Communication Even When Time Constraints Exist: The high-tech tools provided by OEE tracking systems allow you to achieve greater results even when time constraints exist. Furthermore, error notifications will alert you in real-time about any machine malfunctions and process issues so that remedial actions can be taken right away. This helps customers trust that the job will be finished on schedule and makes it possible to adjust expectations proactively.

• Unique Industrial Performance:

With tracking devices and floor sensors, you can produce data that demonstrates your manufacturer can track performance in real-time. Those statistics show commitment to customers, which is definitely a differentiator when facing time with potential new clients. No matter how large or small, your operation is, showing full transparency will build customer trust and potential for growth within the business regardless of your industry vertical.

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Biz4Intellia’s OEE Tracking System

What is it?

OEE monitoring software works by being integrated directly into the manufacturing environment and tracking various real-time data to help make it easier to understand where things are down in an assembly line or on the warehouse floor. OEE is an acronym standing for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It’s also sometimes referred to as Process Effectiveness, but typically this is when something has gone wrong with the equipment, and it isn’t functioning optimally anymore. Like OEE, Process Effectiveness is used by managers trying to measure their factory floor's productivity on either a monthly or yearly basis to see how they stack up against industry best practices.

How does it Increase the Revenue for Manufacturers?

There are several reasons why focusing on OEE will enhance your manufacturing operation. Firstly, it's a key metric for improving profit. Mapping actual data against your schedule enables you to benchmark your equipment's effectiveness, identify any repeat issues, and put strategies in place to optimize/streamline your manufacturing processes. Your goal is to find and reduce all the losses in production. And being able to understand data and implement OEE effectively enables you to see where those losses are and what can be optimized.

Secondly, it can be a great motivator. Tracking OEE gives both management and floor employees targets to aim for and a reason to celebrate when the improvements you work on have a tangible impact on productivity. Production can be your bread and butter, improving the industrial performance in a stepwise process.

Thirdly, OEE is relatively easy for managers to follow. Distinguishing multiple categories in OEE will help managers better analyse their staff's effectiveness and identify potential sources of waste that need to be addressed.