How Biz4Intellia is Quantifying the Values of IoT Technologies for Poultry Farming?

Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things has evolved to help the farming industry optimize and produce food more efficiently. The use of connected devices, big data, and artificial intelligence can help farmers monitor their animals and see which ones require a change in diet. It is estimated that in a few years more than 50% of the world’s population will live in big cities and will depend on supermarkets as their primary source of food. The growing population will also create new markets for food and farming. The global poultry market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% by 2023, accounting for around $405 billion.

As a result of increasing consumer demand for poultry, strategies for the poultry market include investing in new ready-to-eat foods such as roasted chicken to fulfil this industry needs, including modern technologies like three-dimensional imaging systems to optimize processes, implementing solutions based on big data and predictive analytics to increase revenues, investing in robotics technology that is more extensive and efficient than the previous generation in farms to optimize workflow, and offering online delivery services so customers can purchase chicken and have it delivered. All this is essentially possible with the inclusion of technologies like IoT, automating the process of monitoring the health of poultry while reaching fresh to the consumers.

How does Biz4Intellia Contribute to Poultry Farming?

The use of IoT technology in the farming industry is one of the most amazing trends taking place in the current times. Traditionally, it has been a great challenge to monitor the poultry farms regularly and keep a thorough check on the health conditions of the livestock. Biz4Intellia provides unique solutions to the poultry sector with its IoT-based smart solutions. It provides end-to-end services to the farm managers from the installation of the sensors to the data visualization and suggestive insights.

With the increasing use of sensors in poultry farming, it is now becoming easier to monitor the temperature, humidity, and light of the poultry house. The sensors are advanced enough to monitor the surrounding environment and help in the collection of data on how the chickens are faring. The information collected from these sensors is used to optimize rearing practices. This enables the farmers to take appropriate actions. The information collected from the sensors is also used to predict disease outbreaks among livestock and poultry animals. This enables farmers to take early measures to prevent the outbreak of disease.

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- Real-time Insights

Through Biz4Intellia's IoT platform, farmers are given real-time insights into their poultry farms. This helps them make farming decisions promptly. For instance, in case of any disease outbreak, the sensors extract regular data through smart wearables and alert the authorities whenever there’s a decrease in health. In addition, Biz4Intellia helps farmers manage their farms more effectively by giving them information on the health of the birds, their growth, and the health of the environment.

- Advanced Analytics

By using the Internet of Things (IoT) in their daily operations, poultry farmers can optimize their farms and provide their chickens with the highest quality of life. The benefits of the Internet of Things in poultry farming are numerous. Not only does it allows farmers to better monitor the health and safety of their chickens, but it also allows them to be more efficient and effective in their daily operations. Thus, with the help of advanced analytics, it is far easier for managers to identify the loopholes in the farming system and fix them timely.

- Smart Transportation

With our installation of internet-connected devices in the poultry sector, farmers can now receive automatic updates about the status of their equipment, whether that be from automated temperature checkers to real-time observations from your farm during transit. IoT technology uses cloud-based applications to send relevant information about farm locations as well as ascertain the health conditions for each animal to help make better decisions among the farmers themselves. With IoT-based Biz4Intellia solutions, several practical implications can be enjoyed by the owner of a poultry farm while they take advantage of improved data transmission rates through seamless connectivity to cloud-based applications.

- Livestock Monitoring

With the use of Biz4Intellia’s smart solutions, poultry farmers can gather huge amounts of data, enabling them to make non-biased and transparent decisions for their livestock. It helps boost their health and well-being. It consists of numerous battery-powered wireless sensors which capture real-time data across both environmental and performance parameters throughout poultry houses like bird weight, air pressure, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide. Data is then fed directly into an analytics platform that is driven by IoT technology, providing easy-to-interpret data and enhancing farm productivity at all aspects.

- Stock Management

There are three key aspects that animal agriculture farmers need to pay close attention to every day: food, water, and a healthy environment. One of the best ways for them to discern a healthy environmental condition is by using IoT technology because it is cost-sensitive and simpler to use. IoT facilitates all farmers with optimal equipment maintenance and advanced sensor readings collected from livestock smart wearables, which provide meaningful information about their health status. Hence, it is very strategic to install an IoT-based solution to monitor poultry farm inventories with large and beneficial returns.

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been used in various fields and industries, including the poultry farming sector, for quite some time now. With the increase in worldwide population, the food production level has been raised, and poultry farming is among the fields that have been thriving in recent years, being among the top agricultural industries all over the world.

With the help of IoT technology, the poultry farming sector has been able to raise the efficiency and productivity of the farms and provide a better quality of products. Biz4Intellia is a pioneer in bringing the latest technologies and solutions to businesses. Biz4Intellia provides an inclusive range of smart IoT Solutions for enterprises with a motive to provide the technologies that are required to build a smart and sustainable future. Quantifying IoT technology values and presenting its essential existence in the poultry farming sector is one of the best approaches the company provides.