How Biz4Intellia’s Level Sensors Work – Their Performance & Life

Level Monitoring Solution

Level sensors detect fluid levels and fluidized solids. They are widely used in slurries, rivers, and different types of tanks where a substance can be measured from either inside the container or in its natural form i.e., liquid.

The level sensors measure the substance quantity in both continuous and point value form. The continuous level sensors measure within a particular range and determine the exact amount of substance. On the other hand, point level sensors determine only the presence of the substance, whether above or below the sensing point. Generally, these kinds of sensors are used to detect levels that are excessively low or high.

Biz4Intellia is a renowned IoT firm that comprises of advanced and latest sensor devices. We firmly believe in selecting appropriate sensors that suit the business requirements and perform accurately. The main features of our sensors are listed below.

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Features of Biz4Intellia’s Level Sensors

Active sensor range with a high number of IP67, IP68, and IP69K ratings

ATEX certified to withstand explosive atmospheres

Maximum sensor range with 1 to 50 ft depth for better accuracy

Support maximal protocols like Modbus, LoRaWAN, etc.

Up to 80 sensors can be connected with one gateway within a radius of 100ft.

Highly effective for pressurized tanks

Supportive of all kinds of liquids

Depending on the depth range they are highly cost-effective

Work on both electricity and battery with a battery life of up to 2 years

Temperature resistant to all weathers

Have accuracy of 0.5% - 1.0%

All these features comprise together to form actively smart sensor devices that make Biz4Intellia’s solution workable and efficient at all stages. Since sensors are mainly installed outside or at the periphery of the asset, it is a mandatory aspect for them to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are durable to last longer. Therefore, Biz4Intellia provides sturdily built sensor devices that are durable enough to render better services and quality performance.

The level sensors can differ in their types and performance according to the business requirements. It mainly includes 4 types of sensors, which are available for different purposes. Let's learn about their types.

Different Types of Level Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are electronic devices that measure the level of the substance by sending ultrasonic waves to its surface. The time taken by them to travel towards and backward to the sensor is read as the distance between the sensor and the liquid's or target's surface. The readings are further calculated through mathematical formulas and depend on the orientation of the container.

Radar Sensors

Radar sensor use the property of electromagnetism to fulfill the purpose of detecting, monitoring, tracking, and locating objects at a certain distance. This kind of sensor transmits the electromagnetic energy towards the target and observes the echo that is reflected. It runs at a lightning speed and the waves bounce as soon as the object is detected between the path.

Laser Sensors

These kinds of sensors are composed of laser, optical, and photoelectric parts. They use laser technology to measure different kinds of physical parameters like distance and convert measured parameters into optical signals. These are then converted into electrical signals with the help of photoelectric converter. It is widely used for industrial and agricultural production along with precision detection, positioning, etc.

Flame sensors

Flame sensing rods or flame rectifier rods are most commonly used in gas-fired appliances. These kinds of sensors generate a voltage at the sensing terminal, which is further connected with a conductor. Since, flame detectors are optical devices, they are quick to respond towards flames taking time in less than a second. They are widely applicable in the areas where highly combustible materials are involved, or to protect large capital investment against fire explosions.

Working of Biz4Intellia’s Sensors

Biz4Intellia stocks up the highest IP rated sensors with IP67 and IP68 ratings. They are certified with ATEX, which makes them flameproof and resistive against other explosive temperatures. These sensors actively work through both electricity and battery. The battery life counts at least a minimum of 2 years of performance with consistency and accuracy. They promote automation and work in a very simple-yet-effective manner.

It is easier to connect multiple sensors with a gateway through different protocols. The ethernet or WIFI connectivity enables data transmission over a cloud platform. It helps keep the information safe, secure, and easy to access. It is then analyzed through Biz4Intellia’s IoT platform and displayed on a mobile phone or smart gadget for supervision.

Biz4Intellia's sensors cover a range of 1000ft. the radius for easier connectivity with the assets. The wireless feature of these sensors provides hassle-free installation and quick system set-up. It further makes Biz4Intellia’s solutions suitable enough to plug-and-play for better results.

The sensors are an integral part of the IoT systems. They help automate the entire infrastructure by enabling automation through their smart capabilities. Many factors and parameters are responsible for a sensor to perform best in the industry especially the protocols, range, compatibility, etc. Using Biz4Intellia’s solutions, you get a complete transformation in the industry through the latest sensor devices.