Harness the Power of IoT in Transportation Industry


So far, Transportation and Logistics companies have implemented IoT mechanization mostly as track-and-trace applications, intending to unscramble the network complexities. IoT has modernized the Transportation & Logistics industry all the way from tracking shipment vehicle to measuring the weight loaded in the trailer, vehicle routing according to traffic condition and gathering all this data for further analysis to make efficient business decisions. With propitious devices like scanners, controllers, beacons, RFID systems, along with a comprehensive IoT platform, the interconnection of IoT devices with apps takes place effortlessly. With Biz4Intellia’s End-to-End IoT business solution, which is synonymous to the last mile transportation solution, the Transportation & Logistics industry has experienced phenomenal success over the years. This is how:

  1. Monitoring, managing and ensuring the driver’s and truck/trailer’s security, safety, and efficiency.
  2. Administering orders and shipments.
  3. Effectively administering inventory for reduced inventory carrying cost.
  4. Optimizing transport route to ensure advantageous operations.

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harness-the power-of-iot-in-transportation-industry

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