Exploring the Full-Scale Potential of Intellia IoT Level Monitoring Solution

Level Monitoring Solution

The level monitoring solution may not sound like much, but it is definitely a solution worth knowing about, especially if you are a part of the water, O&G, or beverage industry. Rest assured, as by the end of this blog, you won’t perceive this solution the same way you think about it right now. 100% Guarantee.

Intellia IoT” is an end-to-end IoT product developed by Biz4Intellia that includes a comprehensive platform suite and multiple edge devices like sensors and meters. The product is a completely packed IoT innovation that presents cutting-edge solutions to several industries across the globe. The level monitoring solution is one of the many solutions of Intellia IoT.

Intellia IoT Level Monitoring System:

As we discussed, Intellia IoT is a turnkey product. It means that the product is an amalgamation of high-tech sensors, devices, meters, probes, and gateways that display the gathered data as information on a platform suite.

The IoT liquid level monitoring system use liquid level tracking sensors that measure the level of liquid in the desired tank or well. The gateways collect the reading from the sensors and share it with a cloud. By using the Intellia IoT platform suite (Figure 1), you can gain access to this stored data and use it for further analysis and processing.


Figure 1: Intellia IoT Platform Suite

The platform suite is a series of dashboards, each with its distinct features and capabilities. It allows users to see the data collected from the end nods and process it for further applications. The platform is also embedded with advanced analytics and graphical visualization features that allow users to develop useful insights and actions from raw data.

Moreover, the Intellia IoT platform is also fitted with geospatial tools and operational overview card that allow users to monitor the location and performance status of several devices at once. In terms of features and functionalities, the Intellia IoT platform is adept, which makes it a perfect fit for a level monitoring system.

Benefits of Intellia IoT in Level Monitoring:

1) Wireless:

Wireless tank level monitoring is much easier to use and implement than its wired counterpart. It is less complicated than the wired system, which further adds to its high scalability and reliability. Moreover, the sensors used are incredibly durable due to the absence of wires, which lowers the possibility of damage and reduce costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

2) Data logging:

Intellia IoT is capable of sharing data on even very low-speed internet. However, to perform in areas with no internet connectivity, it includes the capabilities of data loggers. Data loggers store the data from sensors and shoot it to the cloud storage via gateway as soon as the internet connection reappears.

3) Data analytics and visualization:

Intellia IoT platform is embedded with high-end analytics and graphical representation features. You can use these features to process the data collected from end nodes to generate intrinsic insights, actions, or trends about your field of the application.

4) Flexible with multiple fluid types:

The complete structure of tank level monitoring is highly adaptable according to your personalized needs. Our solution can be used for different fluid types, let it be water, crude, petroleum products, chemicals, or beverages. This makes it perfect for various industrial applications.

5) Reliable sensors:

The sensors we use are certified and acknowledged by various regulatory and authoritative organizations. They are highly durable and do not react with any fluid. This makes them the best fit for several industrial and commercial applications.

6) Real-time alert system:

The technology of IoT is best known for its one of a kind telemetry competency. We have successfully used this feature to develop a top-notch real-time alert system. This enable users like you to gain alerts about unexpected changes in the level of the fluid that you are monitoring.

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Industry based Use Cases of Intellia IoT Liquid Level Monitoring System:

1) Oil and Gas:

O&G companies often rely on third-party vendors to hire drivers for delivery trucks that transport petroleum products to gas stations. Therefore, the credibility and professionalism of these truck drivers cannot be trusted. Additionally, there have been cases where these truckers were found selling the stolen crude products to illicit buyers.

By using our liquid level monitoring system, oil refineries can remotely observe the level of fluid that the drivers are carrying. This limits the possibility of oil theft and helps oil & gas companies to thoroughly regulate the flow of petrol and diesel in the market.

In the same downstream segment, the oil tank level monitoring is also a suitable application to measure the oil level in tank farms. Refineries are already using similar solutions to limit manual inspection and optimize their supply chain operations.

2) Water:

The water industry can use the water tank level monitoring system to distinctly monitor the level of water in the overhead tanks situated in different localities. This establishes transparency for water utilities in understanding the demand and supply conditions of potable water in various neighborhoods. The wireless water tank level monitoring, along with other solutions, can also help utilities to optimize their water distribution practices.

3) Food and Beverage:

The food and beverage industry can also use the liquid level monitoring system to manage their supply chain processes. The tank level monitoring system allows the beverage companies to control the level of their beverage products in tanks sustainably. They can also manage their buffer stock to facilitate the sudden rise of demand in the market.

4) Farming:

The application of water tank monitoring systems in the farming sector will change the science of agronomics. This system reinforces the use of rainwater harvesting, which can immensely help farmers during summer seasons. Farmers can store the rainwater in a tank and use it strategically to boost the production of healthy crops.

Along with other IoT solutions, farmers can also use level monitoring to automate their irrigation processes. The soil moisture sensors and probes can measure the moisture content in the soil and operate side by side with smart sprinklers to spray water in the fields if the moisture in the soil decreases. This will reduce the workload of farmers and strengthen the adoption of smart, digital, and precise agriculture.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog and now appreciate the solutions offered by the disruptive technology of IoT. The implementation of level monitoring systems in the industrial segment is easing supply chain management and inspection tasks. Furthermore, its commercial establishment is also enabling utilities to manage the optimum supply of resources among the end-users.