Empowering Industrial Tank Manufacturers with Biz4Intellia’s Smart Level Monitoring Solution

Level Monitoring Solution

Most of us are familiar with the process of filling up a vehicle at a fuel station. First, we drive to the pump and check the fuel gauge to see how much fuel we have. If it’s below the required level, we refill it and continue with our journey. However, the same procedure can’t be carried out with an industrial tank. The reason is there are no gauges to check the fuel level.

When a tank is running low on fuel, it is difficult to gauge the amount of fuel or fluid still available. This results in frequent refills of the tank, which increases the laborious work and efforts of the team. The introduction of technology in today’s world is proving very helpful in identifying the inventory levels in real-time. IoT is a fast-paced concept that serves the industries with the best possible solutions to every issue. That is why Biz4Intellia offers a smart level monitoring solution to enhance business productivity in multiple aspects. It targets a data-driven approach to extract information from the assets and use it for business insights. Let us know how Biz4Intellia’s smart level monitoring solution is the best choice for you as an industrial manufacturer.

Features of Biz4Intellia’s Smart Level Monitoring Solution


Biz4Intellia’s level monitoring solution offers several smart features that are a must-have for fluid storage tanks in industries. It facilitates remote monitoring through a smart coalition of embedded devices and a user-friendly dashboard, which simplifies the complex management tasks.

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1) Live Location Tracking of tanks with Volume Status

The IoT-based sensors get installed over both kinds of assets (tanks), mobile and immobile, to extract relevant data. This data helps track the live location of the tanks, confirming the managers about their exact condition. Also, these tanks are used to transport fluid from region to region, which requires proper monitoring to avoid thefts or leakages. Thus, an IoT-powered level monitoring solution has advanced in-built algorithms to monitor the accurate volume status of the tanks. Even with the slightest of leaks, the sensors trigger an alert message on the user’s dashboard, notifying the authorities in real-time to commence with necessary measures.

2) Remote Management through Web and Mobile App

In the Internet-based environment, it is very convenient to use smart devices for business purposes. The screen acts as the dashboard for displaying the asset information, which is easily accessible even from remote locations. It plays a crucial part in keeping a real-time track of the fluid levels and preparing procedural reports for the managers. Apart from the mobile, the authorities also have the option of using the web to monitor the industrial processes. The use of IoT-based solutions has raised the bar of simplifying managerial operations and is making the most out of facilities like smart gadgets to make them more user-friendly.

3) Single Platform to monitor the Necessary Parameters

It provides a hassle-free dashboard that helps a user control operation from a single panel and enhances the working mindset and accuracy in results. The sensors get installed on the tanks and fetch all kinds of fluid level information, converting it into a user-readable format. A single platform eases the workload of the authorities who need to manage a cluster of huge tanks and collect data from each of them. This results in a massive data collection that further needs to be managed and analyzed. The authorities find it super easy to use a single platform to perform all their operations and monitor the necessary parameters without any interventions.

4) Liquid Level Supervision for Each Corresponding Day

Installing a smart level monitoring solution generates useful insights for the manufacturers to keep track of everyday fluid levels. This also helps them create a huge database that assists in taking the necessary steps for improved business growth. The industrialists mainly seek a solution that enables real-time supervision of liquid levels for each corresponding day, and Biz4Intellia provides exactly the same, simplifying their task management via automation. Also, regular real-time monitoring of the tank levels paints a clearer picture for the managers to keep up with the inventory stocks according to the consumer demands much before the finishing supplies.

5) Real-time Calculated Volume based on Liquid Level Data

The sensors extract liquid level data from the tanks, which gets used up to generate actionable insights. Using Biz4Intellia’s IoT-enabled level monitoring solution, the managers can gain real-time insights into industrial processing, which benefits them at a large scale. Knowing the liquid levels in multiple tanks spread across the perimeter offers a competitive edge to the business in terms of keeping an adequate inventory, understanding the customer demands, the scope of improvement within the industry, and quick decision making. Biz4Intellia’s IoT solution helps calculate accurate fluid levels along with the real-time volume of the liquid that makes it scalable enough to satiate business requirements.


With an ever-increasing curve of introducing innovative IoT solutions to simplify business processing, Biz4Intellia is a full-fledged service provider. It prioritizes business requirements and offers super-smooth customization features, which aid the industrial issues according to the domain requirements. With IoT technology, Biz4Intellia offers automated processing along with a data-driven approach that assists the managers in focussing more on quick decisions, targeting business growth in lesser time. It is a great source to optimize your processes, manage the inventory stocks smartly, seamless functioning, along with durable hardware installation, making the industrial domains easier, better, and in pace with the technological trends.