Cloud-storage: Keeping Safe the Oil and Gas Data


Cloud-storage processing is significantly reducing the storage processing load from the shoulders of plant operators. With each day, the O&G industry produces a huge amount of data that needs to be handled with utmost safety and diligence. Thus, cloud computing has made data processing easier and real-quick, with accessibility at anytime. From seismic acquisition to managing SCADA systems; operating surface, and subsurface sensor data, contracts, production meters, etc. cloud technology is a natural fit for Oil and gas industry operations. Moreover, IoT and cloud is the best combination to proceed with effective oilfield operations. You can transform your plant facilities with IoT intelligence to sense each activity microscopically, and store regular data on a cloud to perform advanced analytics. It helps in taking better decisions for the future and provides improved management. With cloud implementation;

• Costs get reduced

• Capital expenditures are reduced

• Wider acceptance of changing business models

• Complete resource utilization

Look below the infographic for more simplified details on how cloud storage can keep your oil and gas data secured.


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