Applying IoT Concepts in the Hospitality Industry

IoT in hospitality

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing every inch of the industrial premises. No matter what industry, there are multiple IoT solutions for every segment.

The hospitality industry is a catering industry that works for customer satisfaction and provides them with the best in-class services. Implementing IoT concepts in the hospitality sector provide immense benefits to the businessmen and industrialists who aspire to bring innovation in their enterprises.

Areas like supply chain, security, entertainment, restaurants, and other leisure services are now finding it profitable to implement IoT technology. It is significantly improving the guest experience by optimizing the processes, reducing the overall operation costs, increasing the overall productivity, and making the businesses smarter in every aspect.

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IoT is Changing How Hospitality Businesses Work

Smart IoT techniques are altering the way businesses work in the hospitality sector. Automation is significantly surrounding the hotels and customers are availing immense services like personalized rooms, customized key cards, and real-time security. IoT technology is making the hospitality industry smarter and more successful in all its services.

These are a few differentiated services at the hotelier industry:

  • IoT enables the lightings of your personalized room as soon as you step into your facility. Isn’t it a cost-effective way to conserve energy?
  • The hotel rooms are often exposed to smoke which can cause hazardous flames. An intelligent fire protection system like IoT-enabled smoke detectors increase the safety of your guests during fire outbreaks. Also, they are equipped with an alarming system which alerts the hotel staff to take necessary actions.
  • Autonomous trolleys and carts send alerts to the kitchen department about the guest’s appetite or if extra is required. These robotized assets are especially designed to cater every demand of the customer entering into the hotel premises ranging from carrying their luggage inside the rooms and bidding them goodbye when they leave.
  • Connected thermostats in every room help adjust the temperature conditions automatically when the guests arrive and eliminate the cost of cooling and heating the vacant rooms.

A hospitality business incorporates the comfort zones and leisure times of the customers. Conceptualizing IoT techniques with every segment provides better services at a low price. The advancement of technology has leaped ahead by introducing sensor devices for every asset used in a hotel or hospitality business. The managers can now control the functionalities by sitting in one room and take immediate decisions towards inefficiencies anywhere. Let’s learn more about the IoT in hospitality.

Iotizing the Hotel Industry

Hyper-personalized Facilities

  • Not only in the hotels but also in our homes, there are times when we forget taking certain conservation measures to save electricity or water. IoT is programmed to be at your service 24X7 and reminds you by alerting the default areas where the attention is required. It is an emerging technology which with the help of sensors and smart devices takes care of everything. The Internet of Things believes in the interconnected concept where every asset is connected to a sensor which runs through the internet and allows you to control heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, entertainment gadgets, all from one centralized device (smartphone). This helps in mitigating the environmental issues and saving unnecessary energy or water consumption at a basic individual level.

Location-based Monitoring

  • Technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, and Beacon have opened new opportunity areas for the hospitality industry in terms of broadcasting location-based information. IoTized GPS management or real-time tracking of the customers is a significant way for the hotels to deliver information. The hotel managers can avail these methods to promote their business by tracking their customers in the nearby areas and sending SMSs at a precise time. This is also a unique and personalized way to introduce new offers and facilities to your potential customers.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

  • IoT technology incorporates brilliant ways to personalize your customer service experience by introducing IoTized chatbots and voice assistants. Many hotel companies like Marriot & Best Western have adopted these methods very early to facilitate better hospitality for customers. These facilities deliver superior experiences like allowing the users to book their rooms on their own, a table at the desired restaurant, or book spa sessions by simply voicing their request through a smart device. This helps save everyone's time and efforts through manual interactions, and also allows the authorities to make multiple requests in a single time, significantly increasing the business ROI

Smart Controlling

  • This is yet another potential use of IoT within the hotel industry that alerts you to perform immediate actions on any unusual asset performance. Predictive and preventive maintenance are the most efficient IoT concepts that help in better asset operability and predict future scenarios for safety. The primary benefit of utilizing this is that it allows on-time repairs of the equipment or provides enough time to carry out replacements before the device stops working completely. This avoids the inconvenience caused by alerting the managers regarding the slightest defects.

Future of IoT in Hospitality

Deploying the Internet of Things in the hospitality industry is one of the greatest ideas to be implemented as a customer satisfactory service. It includes connectivity among the assets that enable a personalized experience; has the potential to operate on advanced analytics for predictive repairs; builds a strong wireless network; utilizes sensor capabilities to detect faults and inefficiencies in the surroundings; and many more. The data analytics and IoT allow you to automate the consumer data as per their standpoints and provide them with their choice of services at every time they contact the hotel managers.

IoT is a technology that is significantly improving the industrial operability in every segment and is especially helping the hospitality companies to save money on energy costs and infrastructure maintenance. Apart from this, technology modernizes the choices of a user and promotes leisure as the prime source to experience hospitality services. It potentially helps in rendering hyper-personalization and offering real-time solutions to your guests. IoTizing the hospitality sector with smart solutions enables an effortless living experience for the customers at a budget-friendly costing.