Adding more value to FMCG Industries with IoT Technology


The Internet of Things technology is becoming the most valuable addition to the industries. It can transform the industries with advanced solutions, resolving major challenges like unidentified leakages, asset maintenance, manual errors while monitoring, etc.

FMCG sector generates huge data across their value chain networks. Using IoT-powered solutions enhances their operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and identifies gaps in the market. This proves to be an added advantage for the sector as technology improves the business by considering every aspect. In addition, consumer companies have started including basic IoT sensors based on the data-driven approach.

Multiple experiments in consumer-based businesses like Amazon have epitomised IoT technology's disruption, inspiring the companies to raise their status quo. IoT technology adds great value to the FMCG industries mainly because it is available at affordable prices and uses data to drive effective managerial tasks. It presents great opportunities to the retailers by improving customer loyalty and purchase retention. Here is an infographic that illustrates the idea of implementing IoT technology with the FMCG industries better.


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