Add Intelligence to your Business with A Smart Reservoir Monitoring System

Level Monitoring Solution

Liquid level monitoring is the most required measure in the industries to cope up with current times. With the rising population, the demands of water have also risen rapidly. As technology and automation are transforming potential industrial areas, implementing a smart level tracking system is the best idea to preserve our most wanted resource for all times, water.

Industrial water is used for various purposes like fabricating, washing, diluting, cooling and even transporting the product. In short, water is a necessity to carry out all kinds of operations in the industry, no matter how small or big. It reflects the potentiality of water usage in industries that influence the overall production and supply chain processes.

Research reveals that industrial water consumption is a major cause of the early draining of water supply in the world. By the end of the year 2030, the water demand will exceed the current supply by 40%. Also, the climatic changes increase the risk and situational unpredictability for the farmers throughout the crop production. Let’s discuss a few more challenges related to unidentified water levels that need to get resolved sooner.

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Not only farming but other industries like manufacturing, hospitality, water, chemical, oil & gas, beverage, and pharmaceutical utilize big storage tanks to stock liquids. They also face many challenges in maintaining the consistency of these stock levels.

Traditional ways of maintaining water levels within an industrial facility were a bit unbalanced and less accurate as compared to the current scenario. Previously, it used to be very difficult to track water usage and plan adequate supplies as per the requirements. Additionally, maintaining the liquid stocks is still a big question mark to many big industries dealing with water. It is an essential requirement for the industrial owners to have access to accurate data and a proper reporting system so that they can plan and analyze according to the supply and demand. Let’s look at a few water-related challenges that require technological solutions.

Monitoring the levels of moving water is a big challenge for industrialists to obtain accurate results. Also, moving water, when left unsupervised, leads to floods and chaos all around the region. However, the authorities that still use traditional methods for checking up on the water levels follow situation-based monitoring, which involves the time when very few people are consuming water. This manual supervision of the water levels tends to create calculation errors in most of the cases and thus, result in inaccurate outcomes.

Another challenge includes the size and shape of the reservoir during the real-time level checks of the water. Generally, the geometries of a reservoir are mainly a combination of horizontal surface shapes like parabolic, elliptical, rectangular, and vertical cross-section shapes like a bowl, wedge, and prism. This uneven orientation of the reservoir often leads to inaccurate level measurements of the stored fluid. Moreover, from a broad perspective, the shape of the reservoir also changes due to external conditions like seasonal changes or natural disasters like earthquakes. These changes cause difficulty in measuring the exact level of water.

The stored liquid can be of any quality and hence requires different storage tank material. For instance, corrosive liquids would be stored in heavily built tanks like those which are made up of polyethylene or dense material. Beverages can be stored in normally built tanks of steel or durable plastic. All these tank materials play an important role in maintaining the quality of the liquid and thus, a highly reliable solution would prove beneficial in calculating these liquid levels.

How Does an IoT-powered Solution help You?

IoT is the fastest growing technology in the current scenario. It works upon automation that brings out the maximum potential of the industrial assets. As a business person, you can rely on this advanced technology with its smart procedures to enhance organizational profitability and strengthen your brand value.

In terms of the level monitoring solution, IoT is working exceptionally well, overcoming all the possible challenges, and setting up the bar for accurate calculations. An IoT-powered reservoir level monitoring system to measure water levels in an industrial reservoir is highly effective to take real-time readings even from remote locations.

IoTizing industrial assets like water storage areas can prove to be a smarter move to mitigate unnecessary spills. A smart reservoir monitoring system is equipped with high-end devices and ultrasonic sensors to prevent spillage. You can easily set the threshold through this solution and get alerted as soon as the water crosses the set limit. This avoids unidentified wastage of water and keeps your stock up-to-date.

This IoT enabled solution also identifies accurate data of the fluid levels and keeps a record of the same on a cloud platform for extra security. You can connect all types of smart gadgets with this system and get illustrative displays regarding the level readings, which allows you to analyze different outcomes.

A reservoir monitoring system is a feature-rich system which includes

Smooth Calibration

Advanced sensors

Large data storage

Real-time information

Precise measurements

All these features collaborate into one effective solution, which adds value to industrial productivity. The system is equipped with smooth calibration procedures that provide instant alerts regarding level measurement. You can also customize the system according to your needs and required time intervals so that it is easier for you to take the readings.

A reservoir monitoring system comprises sturdy hardware that withstands extreme temperature conditions without compromising the performance. It connects with a secured cloud platform, making it easy for you to access the data from anywhere, and at any time. It brings in excellent data storage with in-built gateways possessing more than 16000+ readings for better analysis.

You can fulfill the advantages of getting real-time information about every increase or decrease in the water levels at any time with the help of this system. It is highly advanced and powered with IoT concepts to provide consistency, accuracy, and better decisions for the industry. Utilize this solution to predict situational outcomes and get updates on your liquid stocks every second.