A Guide to Indications based Real-Time Monitoring for Fleet Management

IoT In Transportation

Cutting-edge applications of Internet of Things in the segment of data management and telemetry are reinforcing various industrial practices. It has been a gamechanger for sectors associated with energy, oil & gas, water, and manufacturing and is allowing companies to take benefits from its analytics and cognition features. However, the sector that has gained most out of the capabilities of IoT is the field of transportation.

IoT solutions in the field of transportation vertical have enabled the emergence of the connected network between vehicles and infrastructure that has powered the development of futuristic smart city solutions. Fleet management is another application of Internet of Things in the transportation sector that has revolutionized the supply chain practices of almost every industry vertical. Fleet management is the fastest-growing application of IoT in the transportation field that is continuously being evolved from the advent of Internet of Things. In fact, as per statistics from marketsandmarkets IoT fleet management market is estimated to reach a total worth of 8.28 billion USD by the end of 2021.

As a fleet management service provider, we at Biz4Intellia offer an end to end solution to fleet companies that enable them to keep an eagle eye view on their fleet operations. With the use of our vehicle tracking solutions, we empower the fleet managers to utilize recorded data obtained from sensors embedded on the fleet trucks.

Intellia IoT for Fleet Management:

"The technology of Internet of Things allows the development of a connected network that facilitates the sharing of data among several connected devices."

Intellia IoT facilitates the development of such a network for fleet trucks’ and allows fleet managers to use this network to manage their fleet operations. Sensors act as the endpoints of this network and facilitate the collection of required data from the trucks. These sensors sense data related to location, performance, and condition of the trucks. They can also be used to monitor truckers’ driving habits and the environmental conditions in which the cargo is being delivered.


Figure 1: Intellia IoT Dashboard -View Product Demo

The data gathered from these sensors is received and shared via a gateway to a cloud platform. In the case of Intellia IoT, the collected data is shared with the truckers’ mobiles via a local BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) network. Furthermore, the mobile phone of the driver itself acts as a gateway and share the data to the cloud network via cellular connectivity. This enables the driver too to monitor insightful information about its truck in real-time.

The data in the cloud storage can be accessed via our Intellia IoT platform suite from a web application or mobile app. Moreover, the data can be compiled and processed through various algorithms to calculate and develop insights. Thresholds and tolerance limits for particular variables can also be set to ensure that the operations are held in an expected pre-defined range. Let us see a use case for this.

Use Case: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity for Food Industry

Food items are environment-sensitive. Hot and humid surrounding conditions can cause them to rot, especially while they are transported from one location to another. The food industry thus uses special trailers that support manual control of internal environment conditions. The use of these trailers enables the food industry to manage the quality of the food even if they are being transported to faraway locations.

Intellia Bluetooth Temperature/Humidity sensors (Figure 2) allow real-time monitoring of internal conditions in a trailer. By using this sensor, fleet supervisors of a food company can make sure that the food is being shipped in a controlled environment at all points of the supply chain.

Hardware Used:-


Price Range: $144

Intellia Bluetooth Temperature/Humidity Sensor INT-HT-02

Have confidence in the safety and quality of your therapeutics, foods, and chemicals using our temperature and relative humidity instruments.

Quick Specifications
Measuring Parameter Temperature, Humidity
Functional Range -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F), 0 - 100% RH
Operating Range -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F), 5 to 80% RH
Wireless Range up to 30m ( 100 ft )
Battery Life 1.5 to 5 years
Accuracy ± 0.5 °C, ± 2% RH typ., ± 5% RH max.
Memory 80,000 data points (40k Temp + 40k RH)

Figure 2: Intellia Temperature/Humidity Sensor

The fleet managers can also set multiple thresholds and tolerance limits (tolerance being the lowest and threshold being the highest acceptable limit) in the Intellia IoT dashboard to make sure that the environmental conditions in the trailer remain in an acceptable range.

Intellia IoT uses color markers (Figure 3) to show the range in which the variable lies. For instance:


Figure 3: Colour Markers Showing Status of Parameters based on Pre-Defined Range

1) Green indicates that the parameters are well between the pre-defined range.

2) Red indicates that the parameters are out of the permissible range. In such a case, an alert is sent to the fleet manager and driver, which can be seen from the notification card (Figure 4) on the operational dashboard.


Figure 4: Notification Card of Intellia IoT

3) Orange signals that the current value of the parameter being measured is on the verge of its threshold/tolerance limit i.e. the parameter is soon going to cross the legitimate range.

4) Blue color is displayed if the threshold and tolerance value of a particular value is not defined.

5) Grey color indicates that the device is inactive and is not responding as per the requirement.

Thus, Intellia IoT can thus be used to measure different parameters and gain real-time alerts about their changing values. This allows fleet managing companies to make sure that the cargo is been transported in an optimally controlled environment.

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The implementation of IoT technology has enabled the development of intriguing applications in the field of transportation and fleet management. Through our trailblazing product — Intellia IoT, we at Biz4Intellia offer various applications in the field of fleet management to our clients.

Intellia IoT allows fleet companies to monitor required variabilities and use them to develop useful and statistical insights. These insights can be used to reduce maintenance costs, boost operational efficiency, and even meet regulatory compliance.