7 Benefits of IoT powered Inventory Management System in the Oil and Gas Sector

IoT oil and gas

The Internet of Things is the concept that describes the network of physical objects or assets through sensor connectivity, software installation, and other relevant technologies. The main idea behind proposing IoT is to build robust asset connectivity and offer data exchange with other devices over the internet. It comprises a communication layer that includes both physical connectivity and specific protocols used in varying IoT environments that help build a stronger foundation for installing an automated system for the industries.

IoT devices are usually embedded with sensors and gateways, which further possess advanced algorithms to help customers with precise location monitoring. According to Forbes, IoT is the process of connecting assets through the internet. It is a rapidly growing network of devices that include every asset that can be connected to the internet. For example, if we talk about the oil and gas industry, it contains huge assets like tankers, tank farms, motors, etc. These assets are successfully IoTized by installing sensors and initiating gateway connectivity with the user’s dashboard.

What is Inventory Management in Oil and Gas Business?


Inventory management is the process of keeping control over the stocks and involves activities that include sourcing, forecasting, and refilling of the stocks whenever required. The inventories are located at appropriate places, and the stocks are kept safely in the warehouse. But the real challenge lies with managing those stocks at an advanced level. The traditional way of keeping a check upon the inventories is now being replaced with more technical and cutting-edge solutions. These solutions provide real-time monitoring for the oil and gas tanks, which helps in making informed decisions. Here are the seven most prominent benefits that you would get after installing a smart inventory management system with your oil and gas business.

- Reduced Overhead Costs

The use of IoT technology in the oil and gas industry reduces the overall maintenance costs by predicting the loopholes. Furthermore, it analyses the entire plant process and allows the managers to decide what could be done better from the industrial point of view. This decision-making involves accurate outcomes as per the data fetched from the sensors, which is further processed through gateway connectivity. This, in turn, uses a data-driven approach to eliminate the excess costs.

- Remote Asset Tracking

In the oil and gas business, huge inventories are created to keep up with the industrial stocks. This calls for effective management of the industrial assets by installing an automated solution. It even covers remote monitoring of the assets as per the convenience of the industrialists that whenever they want to update or clarify a particular situation within the industry premises, they can do so with ease.

- Better Productivity

Use of technology within any business increases productivity at greater levels. In the IoT-powered inventory management system, there are sensor devices and gateway connectivity with the user’s dashboard that shows all the possible details regarding stock availability. This enhances the overall productivity of the plant by keeping the managers alert at all times. It also maintains the efficiency of the industrial processes by initiating sensor-based mechanisms and gateway connectivity among the assets.

- Automated Manual Tasks

Traditional ways of dealing with asset processing involved immense labor that would supervise the data, handle the plant operations, and lead the entire base with crucial management tasks. This would create inaccuracy in the specific functions and engage lots of human work that require excess maintenance costs. The use of IoT technology eliminates the same by introducing automated industrial functioning through sensors. This enables quicker processing, accurate insights, data-driven approach, which assists the managers in keeping records of the inventories without involving excess staff.

- Real-time Monitoring – even of fixed assets

There are two kinds of tankers in the oil and gas industry, i.e., movable and immovable. IoT technology can, however, be used to monitor all types of tanks in real-time along with their stock availability. This happens with the informed insights specified by the algorithms and solution, where managers use these insights to make prompt decisions. The solution is accurately valid for differently sized and oriented tanks as even when the tanks are fixed, it is easy to extract data from the same.

- Eliminating Excess Wastage

If you can predict the solution, then it is also possible to have multiple outcomes of a specific problem. The use of IoT technology does the same in the oil and gas sector, i.e., it finds solutions and prepares multiple outcomes as and when required by the businesses. This eliminates the excess wastage and leftovers while processing with the functioning. In addition, it helps predict the anomalies in the system and assists the managers in keeping a valuable check upon the availability of the resources required and how machines are performing.

- Sufficient Supply and Demand

The involvement of technology in the oil and gas sector is enabling simplified functioning for the entire system. It further creates a beneficial role in terms of providing satisfactory services to the customers. In case if somebody requires a customized solution, where only smart inventory management is necessary, it is possible with the help of its variant features. This enables the managers to stay focused on their work and render sufficient supplies as per the demands to their customers.

How is the Biz4Intellia IoT Platform helping industries to manage Oil & Gas inventories?


Biz4Intellia is enabling industries with automatic facilities through IoT technology. It is becoming a great asset to the oil and gas industries as it provides advanced functionalities like keeping a real-time record of the fuel tanks, accurate decisions, detailed report generation, and multiple report sharing with the authorities at once it is generated.

The oil and gas industry contains huge inventories where petroleum is kept and supplied to various parts of the city networks. It comprises a vast infrastructure and warehouses where the end product is stored and kept safe. To manage such a massive network of oil tanks and their stocks, the industries are now accepting technology like IoT, AI, and ML to fetch accurate results. Therefore, Biz4Intellia provides the oil and gas businesses with the advanced concept of IoT, which features:

    ● Real-time Monitoring

    ● Smart Inventory Management

    ● Oil/Fuel theft Monitoring

    ● Advanced Analytics

    ● Smart Report Generation

    ● Cost-effectiveness

Thus, the involvement of IoT technology with the oil and gas industry will help it flourish in the coming years. With the entire paradigm shift of the industries via technological advances, IoT is the most popular concept that is being integrated at a rapid pace.