6 Important Benefits of Using IoT To Empower Your Fleeting Business

IoT In Transportation

Automation is taking all industries by surprise and empowering them to work better in all aspects. IoT is one such technology that facilitates the industries with its advanced capabilities of connecting the assets through sensors and specified gateways, thereby serving with automation. So far, businesses have only empowered with the integration of technologies like IoT, AI, Blockchain, or Machine Learning. All these technologies mainly focus on the betterment of the industries through their resourceful abilities and automation processing.

Talking specifically about the fleeting sector, integrating IoT technology is proving to be successful with each day passing. The managers can now easily make use of the technology to build better strategies and make well-informed decisions, growing their business exponentially. But is this the only way in which IoT technology benefits? No, that's not the case. There are a lot more benefits of integrating IoT technology with the fleet industry including the automation functionality, sensor capabilities of extracting data, providing analytical information, and having a user-friendly dashboard. The IoT-powered fleet monitoring solution is an advanced way of dealing with your fleets even from remote places. Let’s learn more about the benefits of using IoT technology to enhance the work efficiency of your fleeting business.

    ● GPS Tracking


    GPS is a very well understood concept, which is being used rapidly in the automobile market. Every vehicle is now equipped with a GPS tracking system, providing the necessary directions/routes whenever the driver needs them. The change that has occurred is when the device is connected through an IoT platform. GPS tracking is often used to keep track of company assets, equipment, drivers, and point out the exact location of the same. The use of IoT technology in GPS fleet tracking allows remote monitoring of different assets associated with the fleeting business.

    IoT technology is a complete system that interrelates computing devices, digital machines, and customers, which interact with each other automatically. But an IoT-powered GPS tracking system is considered to be not only implementable but also economical. It can be easily operated even on the mobile network which allows this to be among the finest ways to stay connected remotely.

    ● Geo-Fencing


    Geo-fencing is one of the most valuable tools that is helping freight managers to keep a real-time track of fleet vehicles. It is a kind of technological concept that creates virtual boundaries for different geographical locations like warehouses, delivery places, industrial premises, etc. These boundaries play a major role in providing instant information about the conditions of such places. Geo-locations can be customized as per the user’s requirements, and provide enhanced efficiency by allowing the managers to take prompt decisions via push notifications, timely triggered texts, and regular updates. Geo-fencing further helps prevent vehicle thefts by alerting the concerned authorities with the detailed information of the stolen vehicle or any vehicle that goes out of the geo-fenced area. This information helps the managers to stay updated with the recent happenings and take timely decisions.

    ● Asset Tracking


    The fleet industry consists of many assets that require step-by-step monitoring and comprises multiple assets like vehicle parts, routing structure, manufacturing units, warehouses, and others. Asset tracking plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent communication between fleet managers and vehicle drivers. Also, IoT-powered asset monitoring in fleeting industry addresses multiple challenges like unsafe driving, inadequate loads, delivery delays, overheads, cargo theft, aggressive driving, speeding up of the vehicle, & personal use of the vehicles by drivers, all these challenges can be easily resolved with an IoT-based solution that tracks your fleet in real-time and allows well-structured fleet management. Here, the managers can operate through a single dashboard and customize their requirements as per the business.

    ● Cargo Monitoring


    Traditionally, cargo monitoring has been carried out manually, which has seemed more of a challenge to the fleet managers. Keeping paper records of the incoming and outgoing cargos made everything a little too long to manage and time-consuming. Installing an IoT solution for the same is one of the options that the fleet managers are now happily accepting and working towards improving the managerial tasks. This is now revolutionizing the fleet sector at an advanced level and is upgrading the entire industry through automation. IoT technology uses sensor devices, which get installed on the cargo and works efficiently in extracting different kinds of data. The data can include temperature, humidity, weight, luminosity, etc. All these things matter when it comes to analyzing the data and taking important decisions. Especially in the case of cold food products, IoT-powered cargo monitoring plays a unique role in identifying the blind spots and aims to keep the product safe and fresh against bad weather conditions or any other effects.

    ● Smart Contracts


    Managing the supply chain in the fleet industry is now made easier and more efficient with the introduction of IoT-based solutions like smart contracts, which are securing the title of goods most uniquely. Biz4intellia’s smart contract solution is powered with IoT and blockchain technology that combines a fine blend of security and advancement, eliminating contract breaching by any means. IoT technology provides mounting of the sensor devices on the goods containers and extracts relevant information/data, which directly matches with the information stored in a smart contract. This thing when verified provides a green signal for the cargo to carry out further processing. An advanced IoT-powered solution thus keeps all the concerned people updated with instant alerts, allowing them to make proper decisions.

    ● Oil/Fuel Theft


    Biz4intellia’s IoT-powered solutions benefit the fleeting industry in numerous ways. It possesses an oil/fuel theft solution that keeps track of the fuel tank in a vehicle. It thus provides a clear picture of how much fuel is your vehicle consuming in a month, day, or year. IoT makes it easier for fleet managers to monitor the fuel consumption in real-time and makes a detailed analytical report regarding the same, which further allows the managers to make proper and timely decisions. Also, IoT technology enables a customized dashboard for fleet managers, where the customers can personalize it according to the business needs. This type of solution assists the industrialists in making their business better and enhancing its quality of service.