5 Reasons to Choose IoT for Remote Cargo Monitoring

IoT In Transportation

Smart IoT concepts are beneficially used for cargo monitoring in many industry-based supply chain operations. IoT is an advanced technology that is utilized to conduct safe and quicker shipments during a transit. It effectively manages the cargos and ensures quality services to the customers.

IoT is high-end technology, offering transparency and a better vision towards the cargo transportation process. The sensors can be installed on every container and the owner can begin with the real-time cargo monitoring through the interconnected smart gadget. The data fetched through the sensors is sent on a cloud platform and is processed further to be displayed as useful information on your smart gadget’s dashboard. The Internet of Things is a significant concept to process real-time cargo monitoring.

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Here are 5 reasons to choose IoT technology as a significant concept for cargo monitoring.

  • 1. Product Safety during the Transit

    IoT involves asset networking via embedded sensors, actuators, and data capture devices that collect and transmit information about the in-transit cargos. With the use of a sensor-based solution, it becomes easier to monitor the location of cargo even from remote places. You can connect your smart device with the IoT-powered solution , and get every real-time detail regarding the import/export products and containers. The solution ensures safe transit of the cargo thereby preventing the wastage or damaging of the perishable products due to unfavorable temperature conditions while transiting. Also, installing a smart solution for cargo safety provides complete goods visibility across the supply chain, making it easier to optimize the operations. With the increasing public awareness of product safety and quality (particularly consumables), the cargo monitoring system is designed specially to maintain the environmental conditions by controlling certain dehumidification or refrigeration systems. Other than perishable products, smart systems can also be used to handle and trace environmentally sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, frozen, agricultural, etc.

  • 2. Single Window of Operability

    Managing the supply chain operations includes handling a lot of processes like product and supply planning, demands, sales and operations, supply management. All of these processes require proper management strategies and skills to avoid errors. A smart solution helps a lot in mitigating the supply chain issues. No matter how many products are loaded in a shipment, you can easily recognize their presence and condition with the use of an IoT powered cargo monitoring solution. The solution consists of a single window where you can operate the entire functioning of the cargo that is to be transported or already transported till it reaches the destination. When you are working through a single platform, it becomes more convenient in analyzing any issues that occur during the transit. Therefore, cargo monitoring solution is built in a unique way to resolve all queries by using a single platform. Also, it provides real-time alerts in case of thefts, product damage, or cargo not yet loaded.

  • 3. Remote Operations

    IoT is a profoundly developed technology, allowing remote operations and easy access to cargo-related data through cloud computing. Cloud is an essential source of data processing in the IoT technology that makes remote operability possible. The wireless sensors fetch data from the assets and send it to a cloud through communication channels for processing. The processed data or user data is reflected on the user's dashboard for supervision. This whole process involves the internet and enables remote operability of the entire solution. Unlike the traditional methods that require a massive number of employees to manage the operations, using a technical solution for the same proves to be highly beneficial. It enables fault detection, damage control, and ensures the necessary steps are taken before extra damage that cannot be rectified. Also, technologies like IoT are proving their worth in improving supply chain operations, resulting in enhanced industrial performance.

  • 4. Cold chain Monitoring

    Different organizations transport perishable food products and pharmaceuticals through the cold chain method, which is also referred to as a climate-controlled environment. Any breakdown in the cold chain process can lead to product damages and extra transportation costs. Also, damaged products reaching the consumers can directly impact their experience and considerably hamper brand reputation. To mitigate such problems, a smart cargo monitoring solution provides comprehensive visibility to supply chain operations and process optimization. Cold chain monitoring is one of the effective applications in IoT powered cargo monitoring solution due to its high-end capabilities and deep analytics programming. It is an automated system that generates alerts if the temperature of the container drops below the specific regulations or if there are any delays. The fleet managers can now monitor the data and make intelligent business decisions regarding the product's shelf life to preserve its quality. Also, cold chain monitoring allows real-time tracking of cargo fleets till the time they reach consumers.

  • 5. Real-time Alerts and Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring is the most required factor where huge production and distribution are taking place regularly. The managers are now switching over smart techniques like IoT-powered cargo monitoring to avoid any functional errors or product delays. Also, it is easier for them to optimize the delivery schedules like if a customer requires quick delivery or wants the cargo to be waiting until he arrives at the collection spot, the managers can communicate with the drivers accordingly without any hassle. Moreover, real-time alerts regarding cargo activities are an essential part of IoTizing the supply chain. They are the prime source of communicating through smart gadgets about the processes and highlighting the details to the respective manager. IoT-powered cargo monitoring offers a unique solution capability to conduct supply chain operations more effectively with the use of sensor devices, advanced analytics, and operations. It also promotes cargo protection and security during the whole transit.