4 Perks of Using Smart Leak Detection Solution in Buildings

IoT in water

With wide applications and large benefits, IoT technology serves the industries at significant levels. It creates safety, prevents water damage, reduces maintenance costs, and lowers extra water consumption. Using technology-based leakage detection practices proffer automated operations that promote hi-tech functionality in the industry.

Moreover, smart technology is transforming the home and commercial leak detection practices. In the current times, it has become necessary to get armed up with necessary technology solutions such as smart water meters, water sensor alarms, and leak detectors. Equipping smart solutions with businesses to prevent water leakages help practice automation and support improved productivity. Besides, they help save time and reduce maintenance expenses along with keeping the property in prime conditions.

IoT technology has a great impact on commercial applications as well as industrial ones. With its immense growth in real-time monitoring and providing intelligent decision-making, IoT is the leading technology in various industrial verticals, including the water sector.

For numerous facility managers, water leakage on floorboards, through the rooftops, or clogging in certain areas are the most dreadful challenges that can arise. Even the pipes used in the drainage system can freeze during winters and can cause water leakage. As per the Institute of Home and Business Safety , a smallest of a one-eighth inch crack (3mm) in the pipeline can result in approx. 250 gallons of water leakage across the floors, furniture, personal property, etc. This destroys the property, affects the performance of electrical appliances, and also increases the risk of human health in most cases. To avoid such situations and mitigate challenges, the managers are now opting for smart solutions like water leakage detection system. IoT-powered and sensor-enabled functioning provide accurate detection of the water presence even in the remotest areas inside a building. This prevents extra maintenance costs of the properties, avoids mishaps due to water, and protects the buildings from water damage like dampness and foul-smelling. Let's learn what are the perks involved if we start using an IoT-powered water leak detection solution in buildings.

  • 1. Building Safety
  • There are times when the water gets collected in unidentifiable areas and starts affecting the nearby zones. It causes poor infrastructural presence and also degrades the quality of the building material. It thus becomes important to integrate a smart IoT solution and keep a constant watch on building infrastructure. Using an IoT solution, you can monitor the water leakages inside the building and take action accordingly. It is equipped with top-grade sensor devices and gateways to render the highest quality services. These include real-time detection of water leaks through spot or zone leak detection techniques. Thus, improving the building safety against water damage and allowing better decision-making to avoid the damage.

  • 2. Real-time Alerts
  • IoT technology utilizes sensor abilities to monitor the exact condition of any asset. Implementing the technology to detect water leakages in the building is a unique way of dealing with water damage. It secures the property by alerting you (as a user) through real-time notifications. You can easily connect a smart device like your mobile phone with the solution and trigger instant alerts whenever there is a water leak. As soon as the water hits the floorboard, the sensor devices activate and detect the presence of water. With this, you can stay alert all the time and safeguard the building property against water collection, excess leakage, and damages without any delays.

  • 3. Preventive Maintenance
  • IoT solutions are embedded with advanced algorithms to help analyze accurate outcomes. The solution ensures relevant information that enables the managers to make better decisions. It is now becoming a reliable source for the authorities who are greatly depending on its capabilities to manage their premises against leakage issues. Preventive maintenance is an advanced IoT concept that allows the managers to stay prepared much before the situation arises. It helps them take appropriate and timely decisions for better protection against water leaks. Since water leakage is a major issue, it causes a lot of damage to the property. With the use of sensors, the data is processed on a cloud platform and is then sent to the user's device in real-time. Preventive maintenance enables quick decision-making along with immediate action before any disruption occurs.

  • 4. Analytics
  • With the acceptance of IoT and smart leakage detection, data like water flow, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. can be gathered in regular intervals. You can also custom-define these activities as per your requirements for a personalized experience. IoT technology uses advanced analytics and allows for real-time monitoring of the water flows and leaks over floorboards. This enables the managers to take quick actions. Also, analytics is a way through which you can keep yourself prepared for unforeseen circumstances due to excess leakage or water collection in different zones. Hence, using an IoT-enabled water leakage detection solution to monitor the presence of water on building's floorboards is essential for better productivity.