w 10 Reasons Why you Should Choose Biz4Intellia — An End-To-End IoT Platform

10 Reasons Why you Should Choose Biz4Intellia — An End-To-End IoT Platform

IoT Business Solution

IoT platform is a multi-layer technology that possesses smart management of the assets, straightforward provisioning, and automation of connected devices. Biz4Intellia is a one-stop solution for you that provides end-to-end services with complete functionality of the IoT platform. From real-time updates to advanced analytics, our firm comprises skillful developers to render complete support during and after solution installation.

In the changing world’s scenario due to many external factors like climatic changes, industries are now adopting IoT solutions for better production. Opting for end-to-end services allows you to move parallel along the changing infrastructure and business needs. Well, that's what Biz4Intellia is all about. It serves your platter with an abundance of opportunities and innovations that your business reaches its milestone successfully. Here is every reason listed to choose Biz4Intellia for your business.

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  • 1. Multi-platform Support
  • Whether you use iOS or Android, Biz4Intellia develops turnkey solutions to support your desirable platform. The solution is built for both desktop and mobile phones to ease your way out regarding complex plant operations. Installing Biz4Intellia's smart solutions offer your business with increased asset potential and better interconnectivity between the entire plant. With internet connectivity between the assets and your devices, all this is reflected on the connected dashboard, whether android or iOS.

  • 2. State-of-the-art Features
  • The one-stop solution, Biz4Intellia, covers almost all the industries including transportation, oil & gas, environment, water, and power. With state-of-the-art features, it is a renowned and recognizable source to transform the industries for enhanced profits. Adopting Biz4Intellia IoT solutions, you get real-time information, automated functionality, actionable insights, and multi-asset interconnectivity. It significantly helps take your business to new levels and creates a competitive edge among other businesses. You can utilize these extraordinary features to grow your business potential and efficiency.

  • 3. Analytics and Detailed Report
  • As soon as the sensors fetch information, it is converted into a user-readable format with the help of advanced analytics. Also, the data displays on the dashboard with complete information about the asset and can be converted into PDFs to maintain softcopy records. With this, you can easily supervise the details of your business through well-explained reports and scan through the documents whenever you require. These can also be saved on a cloud platform for security purposes and quick data share.

  • 4. User-friendly Dashboard
  • Biz4Intellia solutions are smart and enable intelligent decision making within the businesses. It is all quicker and easier with the help of a user-friendly dashboard, which is designed by keeping consumer usability at the highest priority. The dashboard is skillfully developed with a simpler and interactive design. It is a one-stop option where you can manage all your devices, get the operational overview, analytics, and obtain real-time notifications. Moreover, it provides seamless operations in both iOS and Android platforms, whichever desired.

  • 5. Graphical Data Representation- daily weekly monthly
  • Visual representation of the data gives a clearer picture of the plant activities and asset functionalities. In Biz4Intellia's solutions, you can have quick access to the regular updates. For instance, if you have to monitor fuel levels as per week or month, you can click for the option and get fuel consumption reports. This helps you analyze the consumption patterns of the vehicle and alerts you for the future. Moreover, it enables the authorities to identify the driver's driving patterns and the routes that he had taken during the delivery schedules. All this is represented in the form of graphs and date-wise structure to maintain proper records.

  • 6. Notifications
  • With the smart IoT solutions, you can easily set the threshold limits and get instant alerts whenever anything happens against the anticipated outcomes. The collected data through sensors is sent on cloud and displayed through a dashboard, which is further notified with the help of real-time notifications. These alerts are sent via SMS, push notifications or mobile app for the user's ease of accessibility. Moreover, if the measurements exceed or are within the warning tolerance, notifications are sent on the interconnected smart gadget to enable better decision-making.

  • 7. Improved Asset Efficiency
  • Installing Biz4Intellia’s solutions with your businesses lays a direct impact on the efficiency of the assets and improves their performance at a significant level. Integrating sensor-enabled technology with industrial assets gives them the extra power to enhance production. For instance, when you add Biz4Intellia's level monitoring system with your industry, it is easier to maintain inventory stocks and analyze the potential of the equipment. With the help of detailed and advanced analytics, you can improve the efficiency of the assets by making wise and better decisions concerning increased productivity.

  • 8. Real-time Data Management
  • Biz4Intellia solutions allow you to manage data in real-time. It is powered with advanced IoT concepts and algorithms to provide proper data analysis. It further helps in keeping pace with regular plant updates and any changes in the production. Biz4Intellia provides an IoTized transformation of your entire business along with proper data management strategies. You can also optimize the scheduling processes whenever required. Moreover, it helps in keeping a stack of all the industrial data and allows easy access to it.

  • 9. Remote Operability
  • The wireless feature of the sensors and strong communication protocols enable remote operability. It avoids the hassle of visiting the sites and allows you to manage the assets properly even when you are traveling. With the help of automated sensor functionality, you can easily change the thresholds at any particular time or place and obtain valuable results. It further helps in seamless interaction with the entire system and plant operations remotely.

  • 10. Configurable Business Services
  • One of the main building blocks of Biz4Intellia is providing out of the box business services that include device management, network management, reporting and notification management, AWS platform, data ingestion, mobile apps, and many more. It comprises a whole lot of essential and seamless support to render intelligent operations for the industries. Therefore, the services are configurable and can be customized as per the industrial requirements.