10 Industrial Benefits of Biz4Intellia’s Machine Monitoring System

Industrial IoT

Machine Monitoring and IoT

There are a variety of aspects that affect the effectiveness of machine monitoring. One of these is the Internet of Things (IoT), an interconnected system made up of internet-connected machines like sensors, wearable tech, and various other technologically advanced devices. In simple terms, IoT allows users to gain real-time information on their machines by using sensors. IoT technology contributes the best to machine monitoring in industries. It has in-built advancements that help automate the entire industrial process with utmost accuracy and decisive results.

The sensors are placed on every device to gather the necessary information. They then transmit the data to machine-monitoring software that utilizes it to prepare analyses and make effective decisions. For example, sensors collect data that factory managers utilize to make better choices regarding their equipment's maintenance needs. This helps them anticipate problems and implement the required changes to avoid them.

Why Biz4Intellia’s IoT-based Machine Monitoring?

The Internet of Things technology is specialized to enhance overall industrial performance. It further helps industrialists improve their brand image with better productivity and advanced analytics. In addition, it is a great source of real-time monitoring of the industry processes, enabling transparency among the managers regarding every detail of the operations being executed.

• Real-time alerts & Data Management

• Data Analytics with a record of up to millions of data points

• Insightful Information with Graphical Charts

• Easy Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

• Manage Remote and Distributed Stations

• Comprehensive Equipment Management

• Customizable and Configurable as per Business Requirements

So, if you seek an advanced and fully-featured smart machine monitoring system, our team can guide and consult you as per all your requirements. Also, before that, you should know what all benefits does Biz4Intellia's IoT-based machine monitoring system brings to your table. Here are the 10 most amazing industrial benefits you can enjoy with our smart machine monitoring system.


1. Instant Notifications and Alerts

IoT technology uses sensor devices that trigger instant notifications and alerts on users’ smart devices or handheld gadgets. Notifications are primarily sent to the industry supervisors and associated staff responsible for a particular segment or domain within the business. A smart IoT-based system makes it easier for managers to operate via user-friendly dashboards. Also, instant alerts play a vast role in triggering appropriate and on-time actions to improve overall factory performance.

2. Automated Data Management

With the industries thriving in every domain, they likely produce huge data daily. To manage such Big Data, managers seek to automate the industrial processes to avoid errors. With the use of IoT in industries, there is a technological shift in the working culture as the technology involves a data-driven approach. The sensors automatically extract the data from the assets and store the same on a modified cloud platform. This kind of data management ensures better reach and ease of accessibility within and outside the industrial premises.

3. Real-time Floor Monitoring

Industries comprise largely built production floors that are difficult to measure manually. So, IoT technology comes into place with its real-time monitoring abilities. It empowers industrial operators to meet production goals and identify the challenges in real-time for consistent functional improvements. IoT technology and its smart solution make it easier for managers to visualize production and deduce actionable insights for business growth.

4. Customizable Solution

Many industries are now accepting IoT technology to enhance their business better. Also, during this course, they would require a strategy to monetize custom solutions. This is available with a smart machine monitoring system, catering to all business requirements and state-of-the-art development and deployment. Industrialists can customize the solution for hardware, software, cloud applications, and everything they would require to improve their existing or establish their business.

5. Environment-friendly Processing

While technology has previously been known to hamper environmental sustainability initiatives, it is now improving and becoming a partner in building an eco-friendly world. The advances with IoT sensors and wireless connections have enabled both government and private sectors to adopt energy-efficient methods, use resources more responsibly, and plan processes that minimize or recycle the use of waste. The use of smart machine monitoring solutions automates industrial work and reduces excess resource waste with real-time monitoring of consumption patterns.

6. Advanced Analytics

The industrial value increases potentially with the implementation of advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence in their daily operations. With advanced analytics in an IoT-based system, the data-driven concept assists companies with exponential growth strategies and actionable insights that can be implemented throughout the entire organization. In addition, it helps promote data democratization when employees within the company begin using data analysis to guide their work. McKinsey believes that the biggest opportunity for creating value lies in optimizing manufacturing processes - helping to make the day-to-day management of assets and employees easier.

7. Improved Asset Connectivity

It is crucial to address even minor flaws in the equipment to improve asset connectivity. For different types of machinery like pumps, valves, or even commercials, there are appropriate sensor devices that take relevant information and transfer it to the users' dashboards. From here, they can easily improve the asset's condition and performance and get a better idea of the business improvements. Thus, IoT is an advanced technology that helps enhance the connectivity among the assets and channel the entire process through automated functioning.

8. User-friendly Operations

All kinds of users constitute an industry, where it is a must to have directions according to the requirements. Here, IoT-based solution plays an economical and safe role in providing user-friendly operations to the managers and enabling improved operability in the industries. With a simplified and understandable user interface, Biz4Intellia’s machine monitoring system provides industrialists with simplified dealing of tasks and enables seamless operability.

9. Enhanced Equipment Efficiency

Installing an IoT-enabled solution provides the manufacturers with the efficient performance of the equipment in all aspects. Biz4Intellia’s smart system improves the conditions of the equipment by providing the authorities with every detail of information about their condition like temperature, heating issues, humidity, stock refilling, inventory management, historical data analysis, etc. This improvises the on-spot actions of the managers and allows them a certain margin to act accordingly

10. Condition Monitoring

Biz4Intellia's smart machine monitoring system can be a great asset to enable advancement in the traditional ways of industrial processing. The use of data-driven concepts and different conditions in industries helps extract data and collect it for future analysis. This further assists in calculating measures for appropriate equipment conditions like consumption patterns, working abilities, and production quality, allowing the managers to predict better values and generate actionable insights for improved decision-making.