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Our Currently Deployed IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas


Fleet Monitoring Solution

Monitor your fleet anytime anywhere

  • Optimal Route Management
  • Oil Transporter Weight Measurement
  • Transport Tanker Temperature Sensing
  • Fleet Tracking and Trip Management

Can be Deployed in 3-5 weeks


Leak Detection Solution

Detect leaks faster to prevent accidents

  • Real-time Pipeline Leakage detection
  • Methane Gas detection
  • Real-time Alert System
  • Remote Area Pipeline Monitoring

Can be Deployed in 3-5 weeks


Oil well/Tanker Monitoring Solution

Extra layer protection for your well and Oil Tankers

  • Monitor tank level and temperature
  • Water pressure monitoring
  • Remote Oil well monitoring
  • Monitor Oil Tanks Remotely

Can be Deployed in 5-7 weeks

Few Other IoT Solutions:-

  • Remote Pipeline Tunnel Monitoring Solution
  • Oil Well Pump Control Solution
  • Offshore Rig Monitoring Solution
  • Refinery Monitoring Solution

Eradicating Challenges And Creating Opportunities

With the significant fall in crude oil prices, the Oil and Gas industry is in a dilemma whether to invest in latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) or whether to stay put with its current legacy technology like SCADA, PLC, DCS, HMI Devices etc. Extracting fuels from the ground and transporting them to the refinery to the end-user is a complex and critical task. Drilling equipment, pipelines, transportation and logistics – there are too many points to monitor along the way, with each one being critical, and potentially dangerous, as the next. Irrespective of which part of the Oil and Gas value chain – Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream, every sector is eventually adopting the IoT in Oil and Gas. Business leaders in the Oil and Gas industry are looking for plug and play IoT solution for oil and gas, where they don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. Biz4Intellia provides a complete End-to-End IoT solution for oil and gas, covering every Oil and Gas industry vertical to make the Oil and Gas industry’s operation efficient and effective.

Biz4Intellia is helping the Oil and Gas industry with the implementation of IoT in Oil and Gas operations to form a sustainable business model. Our End-to-End comprehensive IoT solution for oil and gas, Biz4Intellia, has realized IoT benefits by interconnecting multiple devices like sensors and controllers in real-time to form an internet of devices (things) that make the communication among devices happen and collect real-time data to analyze and monitor the current state of the plant or the refinery. This enables the Oil and Gas industry to make real-time decisions, reduce equipment failure, increase safety, minimize downtime and reduce wastage, resulting in a complete plant automation. The current scenario is that Oil and Gas companies are turning towards the IoT to ensure safety and security during the extraction and Transportation of Fuels and gradually, the top-level decision makers have started realizing the benefit of IoT in Oil and Gas Industry.

  • oil-gas-real-time-data

    field data

    The key benefit of IoT in Oil and Gas is that real-time data from IoT endpoints makes supervisors and decision makers capable of monitoring and controlling the entire plant. IoT sensors, installed at various locations, makes it possible to ingest data from multiple sources. Resulting in optimizing Oil and Gas assets and production, from enterprises to wells, the refinery to a smart station.

  • oil-gas-connected-pipeline

    connected pipeline

    Being the safest and the most cost-effective way to transport a huge amount of Oil and Natural gas the pipeline system need to be connected to a central controlling system using IoT sensors, embedded into the entire pipeline array. IoT sensors monitor pipeline data like temperature, flow, pressure, etc., that helps in real-time controlling. IoT smart valves are also installed at various points throughout the pipeline to remotely control the flow inside the pipelines.

  • oil-gas-equipment-health-check

    Equipment health check
    and Preventive Maintenance

    With the legacy SCADA systems, less than 3% of the data captured from equipment has been really harnessed by the Oil and Gas industry, as it rarely reaches the experts on time to get analyzed. With the ability to capture multiple data points from multiple devices simultaneously and use the combined data sets will help determine the health of equipment and forecast any potential failures. The right use of IoT in this space can lead to increase efficiency, prevent failures and downtimes, and predict productivity.

  • oil-gas-fleet-tracking

    Tanker/fleet tracking and
    management in real-time

    Sensors that are fitted inside the tankers enables real-time tracking of location and health of vehicle. The smart fleet management system is helping the Oil and Gas industry in increasing overall efficiency and reducing traffic accidents. With IoT in Oil and Gas you can monitor the data from anywhere through IoT sensors. IoT sensors can communicate data to cloud and make remote monitoring and controlling a reality.

  • oil-gas-sustainable-environment

    Maintain a sustainable

    Being a responsible corporate citizen, Oil and Gas industry leverages various technologies to limit any impact to the environment. Industry regulators have also specified the need for better, more accurate, and real-time monitoring by the industry to identify any impact to the environment. Implementation of Biz4Intellia IoT solution for oil and gas will help the industry achieve its corporate social responsibility (CSR). With the ability to monitor the assets in a real-time manner and watching data points in conjunction with each other, help predict more accurately potential environment impact and take timely action.

  • oil-gas-tracking-management

    Remote asset
    tracking & management

    With the vast number of assets in the field of operations, adoption of IoT for this business, is an easy win for the Industry. With a proper implementation of an IoT solution for Oil and Gas, the industry can reap the benefit of real-time tracking of the assets, trend of utilization of the assets, history of the assets and increase their efficiency. Biz4Intellia’s in-built smart learning engine can help create a sustainable and predictable asset lifecycle management and will enable all assets as part of the same eco-system and not working in silos.

Maximize your Productivity with Biz4Intellia's IoT Solution for Oil & Gas

By adopting IoT in Oil and Gas, companies can collect important data from connected equipment and convert the raw data into useful information to maximize productivity and profit:

  • The distributors can get correct information about the level of containers and use this data to optimize the refilling of the containers to prevent shortages.
  • The Operations crew can use sensor data and analytics to predict the failure of crucial equipment in the field to prevent costly disruptions.
  • The companies can monitor machineries and determine when an automatic shutdown of machines is required to evade catastrophe.

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