How Does Geofencing Works?


Geofence is a virtual boundary around a specific geographical area and targets the audience within that particular fence. It is an innovative technology, taking the industries by the storm. It enables businesses to target potential customers through push notifications, SMS alerts, or ads. Geofencing offers location-based services and uses GPS signals to identify the entry and exit of devices. It further triggers real-time alerts and provides the necessary details of assets assigned in a particular region.

Geofencing is getting popularized at a rapid pace due to rising industrial demands for location-based services. The increased use of mobile devices and the need for real-time navigation facilities are also a few reasons why geofencing is the most valuable concept for industries. It allows manual creation of geofence and displays all the assigned assets in that particular region. You get real-time updates and all the asset details via one screen, which promotes simplified asset management. Learn more about how geofencing works and its benefits through this infographic.


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