Essential Features of an IoT-enabled Machine Monitoring Solution

IoT Business Solution

Huge industries are wholly dependent on their machines’ capabilities to improve productivity. Also, the first step in adopting industrial IoT is to implement machine monitoring solution to keep a real-time check on all your equipment.

Regardless of the machinery size in an industry, IoT is implementable to fulfill every aspect required to improve a machine's efficiency. Apart from this, IoT is a credible source through which you can actually talk to your machines, and know what else is required to increase productivity, keep a record of their regular performances, analyze defect areas and inefficiencies, etc.

Industrial machines perform consistently too well to establish a business and maintain a consistent growth. But when equipped with technology like the Internet of Things, it gives a clearer picture to detect faults and points out the epicenter where the machine needs a repair.

IoT and machine monitoring is a beneficial combination that helps you grow your business exponentially. Also, the Internet of Things is mainly programmed concerning industrial asset maintenance in a well-structured way. In all, IoT simplifies the managerial works for the plant managers and with one click they can analyze the performance of their machines, the temperature conditions, fuel requirements, sharp and uneasy noise, vibrations, and much more.

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Interconnected Manufacturing Process Through IIoT

Machines are the main source of manufacturing goods. The factories around the world are manufacturing and delivering the services in a technologically different way with the help of IoT. The Internet of Things promote interconnectedness among the assets and utilizes the abilities of sensor devices to collect machine information. These devices get installed on the machinery, systems, and assembly lines in a factory and convert data into analytical information that is useful for the managers. Sensors initiate a man-machine interaction to carry forward more productive labor and effective machine operations.

For instance, IIoT is capable of predicting the eventuality of a machine’s uptime and downtime. It thus generates automatic repair requests and service schedules to avoid the delay. This helps in decreasing the downtime of a machine. Using IoT concepts the systems and plant processes are more inclined towards data-driven activities and automation. The manufacturing floors now operate proactively via IIoT across all business applications like ERP and CRM. Sensor-based technology is enabling a dynamic approach in performing supply chain operations along with resource and demand planning within an industry. It keeps all the machinery and system processes constantly connected. This, in turn, offers efficient machine analysis and provides up-to-date information about your machine’s behavior.

Features of an IoT-powered Machine Monitoring Solution

Industrial IoT is one of the most innovative steps adopted by many industries to procure benefits in multiple aspects. This solution helps boost the OEE and improves plant efficiency. The IoT-equipped machine monitoring solution is a system that facilitates efficiency analysis for all industrial machinery and keeps you updated with real-time machine status to avoid faults in the production cycle.

An IoT-powered machine monitoring solution offers automation to simplify complex industrial tasks. The sensor devices enable interconnection among the assets and equipment to facilitate automated data sharing. This data is then further used to analyze the machine’s performance and make better decisions. A machine monitoring solution utilizes smart concepts that automate the functioning of the entire plant.

This system possesses an effective real-time alert system that allows you to set threshold limits and tolerances. As soon as the value crosses the pre-set range an immediate notification is sent on your smart device for quick alert. The real-time system benefits the managers by facilitating regular equipment health updates. It allows them to take proactive measures for the machines performing out of the pre-determined limits.

An automated machine tracking system facilitates high-end efficiency analysis of the machinery. It calculates the root cause of the inefficiencies occurring in the manufacturing unit. Identifying the cause of improper working of the machinery equipment helps in monitoring the key performance indicators and helps reduce the overall throughput. It thus provides enough time to take preventive measures during the low performance of your machinery.

Analytical representation plays a key role in operating a technological system, otherwise, how would you study the accuracy of a machine? A machine monitoring system represents the data in the form of charts and graphs that helps visualize the managers about the performance of the plant machines. It is an easy and quick way to access historical data of a machine that enables better decision-making.

Industries comprise different kinds of machineries and equipment like heavy or light weighted, and immovable or movable assets; a machine monitoring system is designed to support every apparatus. This solution also supports hydraulic and computerized machines to perform effective regular checks and keep the machine updated. It is equipped with high-end sensor devices that extract data from any type of machine and display it on the dashboard for further processing.

The most important ability of an IoT-enabled system is to be multiple protocol and hardware supported. Different enterprises use diverse hardware and in order to transform their business to an IoT platform, they require a system that supports all kinds of hardware and protocols. This allows the solution to provide one-size-fits-all monitoring services to multiple businesses for both light and heavy machines.

IoT technology uses advanced analytics to predict different outcomes based on multiple scenarios. A machine in an industry requires regular maintenance for smooth functioning. You can avoid traditional scheduled maintenance by using an IoT-powered monitoring solution to predict necessary machine repairs. This prevents unwanted downtimes and effectively utilizes the capabilities of equipment condition monitoring to stay alert much before any breakdown.

An IoT-powered machine monitoring solution is a one-point system for equipment of different sizes. If you plan to transform your business on a technological platform, considering a custom branded solution that is fully modular and flexible with every feature is a good option. A machine monitoring system is one of such solutions that can benefit your business by increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of your industrial machinery.