IoT, Bluetooth Connectivity App

This app is a monitoring app for Data Analysis of microbes in drinking water, manufacturing industries, energy applications and wastewater. This mobile app uses Bluetooth connectivity with PBM and capture data from various testing sides. Various sites can be monitored by using a single app and graphs,results can be created for individual site.

Weight Measurement App

We have created an app which calculates the exact load in the truck. Users can calibrate the weight of the truck with the help of sensors installed in axles of the vehicles. App is created to ensure the weight of vehicles doesn’t exceeds beyond the limit. It continuously triggers the calibrated values.

Health Rate Measurement App

We have created an application that helps you to measure your heart rates. Heart Rate Measurement (HRM) app analyzes your health level, display Stress level & Adaption status of in graphical format. You can view your measurement results any time using the application.