Original Equipment Manufacturers

Over the last few years internet revolution has presented Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and the users of devices that controls, detects, monitors, reads, or display with an opportunity to improve their solutions by delivering connected, integrated, faster, accurate and cost effective systems resulting in new business and revenue opportunities. The end users can now get a holistic view of their business processes and optimize.

OEM Manufacturers including low cost device manufacturers are reluctant to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) for their solution with the concern of increased cost or fear of adoption.

In most cases, OEMs who adopted Biz4Intellia solution has realized ROI instantaneously as the cost of IoT solution is offset by the cost reduction in redesign of the device. For example, a BLE device manufacturer can realize cost offset by not having a LED panel which can be replaced by Biz4Intellia IoT Mobile App solution which can deliver far richer interface than a LED panel at a cheaper cost.

The industry has started to embrace IoT and begun reaping its benefits. We help the industry transition from legacy to end-to-end wireless automated systems. Here are few areas of IoT adoption.

Areas of IoT Adoption

An OEM of these devices can easily adopt Biz4Intellia IoT out-of-box with its point and click install. This integration with enable these devices with the ability to remotely manage, monitor, and control. The ability to self-diagnose and predictive analysis reduces failure points, increases customer satisfaction, generate new revenue opportunities, and reduces operational costs. Imagine now all the devices talking to each other and taking advantage of information for each other devices – this can result in a staggering level of new opportunities and increased efficiency.

An OEM who uses these protocols already have the devices IoT enabled. Some OEMs have tried to build their own app. Over a period they have recognized the challenges of building, maintaining the application. Biz4Intellia IoT out-of-box implementation would be as easy as point, click and install. Not only OEM manufactures can take advantage of the robust, secured, monitored and maintained solution, they also can take advantage of custom look and feel to complement the product. Adopting Biz4Intellia enables OEMs to focus on their core competencies and device manufacturing.

The true benefit of IoT driven connected system can be realized when most devices engaged in business process are part of integrated system enabling a holistic viewpoint of the business process. Biz4Intellia offers custom services to engineer solutions that offers legacy to digital conversion. Biz4Intellia’s engineering team reviews the current legacy and analog devices, design, and incorporate appropriate sensor technology and advance you to the next level.

  • RFID
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • BLE
  • DCS

All OEMs already know that M2M interaction, industry 4.0, the internet era, and adoption of IoT is the only way to be ahead in this competitive world. The unprecedented advancements in technology have facilitated automation of business process and increased aftersales control of their devices. OEMs not only can monitor their devices, but also provide enhanced customer service experience, creates new business opportunities, better ROI. With advances analytics, now OEMs can focus easily identify the real utilization of their devices and thus can address any issues proactively.

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