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logo ( An end-to-end IoT Business Solution )

logo image is a well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services. logo image produces a seamless end-to-end IT choreography to support intelligent operations and improved business process execution to achieve specific business objectives.

IoT platform suite (Building block of logo image) comprises IoT endpoints, one or more IoT edge gateways, and one or more IoT platform hubs.

Business Services (Another building block of logo image) provides out of box configurable business services including Device Management Services, Network Management Services, Reporting & Notifications Management Services, AWS Platform Management Services, Data Ingestion Services, Account Management Services, Mobile App Services, Custom Functionality Services, and Advanced Data Analysis & Machine Learning.

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IoT - Biz4Intellia logo Services
Device Management Services Device Management Services
  • Plug & play gateway devices provisioning & shipping.
  • Remote installation support of gateway devices.
  • Device registration and security certificate management.
  • Management of existing gateway devices.
  • Remote gateway device integration with controllers & sensors.
  • Sensor provisioning & shipping.
Network Management Services Network Management Services
  • Cellular network & internet service providers procurement and contract management.
  • Bandwidth consumption analysis & optimization.
Reporting & Notifications Management Services Reporting & Notifications Management Services
  • Reports & dashboards creation and updates.
  • Sensor alerts & notifications creation and updates.
  • Sensor alerts response and escalation.
AWS Platform Management Services AWS Platform Management Services
  • AWS platform & scalability management.
  • Monitoring, logging, & auditing management.
Data Ingestion Services Data Ingestion Services
  • All stream types, protocols, & interfaces management.
  • Incident troubleshooting & response coordination with all relevant parties.
Account Management Services Account Management Services
  • Association of devices to customer account.
  • Billing of metered usage by customer account.
  • User account creation, removal, and association with customer account.
Mobile App Services Mobile App Services
  • User registration & management.
  • App store publications and management.
Custom Functionality Services Custom Functionality Services
  • Mathematical & statistical functions creation and updates.
  • Data extraction, transformation, & loading.
  • Adhoc changes and requests.
Advanced Data Analysis & Learning Services Advanced Data Analysis & Learning Services
  • Correlation pattern analysis.
  • Learning of early warning notifications.
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